Ukraine says it was not involved in the Kremlin drone strike –

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KIEV ( – Ukrainian government officials said Kiev had nothing to do with the drone attack on the Kremlin, Russia.

Ukraine’s presidential adviser Mykhailo Podolyak said such a move would achieve nothing for Kiev on the battlefield, and would only provoke Russia to act more radically.

“Of course, Ukraine had nothing to do with the drone attack on the Kremlin. We are not attacking the Kremlin because, first of all, it does not solve any military tasks,” Podolyak told Reuters.

He further said that accusations that Ukraine was behind the attack and that Russia had arrested the alleged saboteurs could indicate that Moscow was preparing a large-scale terrorist attack against Kiev in the coming days.

“In my opinion, it is absolutely clear that the ‘reports on the attack on the Kremlin’ and simultaneously the alleged detention of Ukrainian saboteurs in Crimea… clearly indicate Russia’s preparation of a large-scale terrorist provocation in the coming days,” Podolyak said.

On Wednesday, Russia accused Ukraine of attacking the Kremlin with a drone — which failed to kill President Vladimir Putin.

Source: Reuters

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