The Benefits of E-Learning and the Functions in It –

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The Benefits of E-Learning and the Functions in It

The Benefits of E-Learning and the Functions in It

Currently, use e-learning not only for the world of education, in fact the world of work and companies use it e-learning
as employee training media. Use e-learning considered more effective at a more affordable cost, so companies can save money on employee development processes.

Especially now to support the learning process e-learning special applications are available. For those of you who may still be wondering what e-learning is, you have opened the right article. Let’s look at the explanation below!

What do you mean E-Learning?

E-learning is an electronic-based learning system that utilizes online technology that can be accessed by all members.

Within the company, this access is given from employees to managers, all levels of positions within the company have the same opportunity to get access to adequate training.

Training using e-learning considered effective because the company can record reports on the increase in training participants.

Benefit E-Learning

There are many benefits of implementing e-learning specifically for employee training in companies, as follows.

1. Well Distributed Material

first benefit,
allows material to be distributed more easily and efficiently. Participants can receive training modules or materials through various media ranging from videos, e-books, PPT, and the like. Later, the evaluation process will be carried out in person on line.

With this easy distribution of materials, the organization of the training as well as the participants.

2. The Learning Process Is More Flexible

Nothing like training offline which requires participants to sit in one room, e-learning allows participants to be able to learn and attend training anywhere. This is all inseparable from the computing system that it already has.

3. Supporting the Independent Learning Process

With its flexibility, elearning support independent learning processes. Participants can learn online without having to face to face, they will search, determine, and choose classes that suit their needs.

4. More Affordable Training Costs

Employee training costs are well known for their hefty costs. However, this is no longer the case if the company has switched to using the method e-learning. Especially when it’s implemented LMS application or learning management system.

Companies no longer need to rent a special room to hold training, hire trainers or speakers, provide food, and even transport. This is all because to take part in the training, employees only need to create an application or website. The employee learning process can be done at any time.

5. Learning Outcomes are Easier to Monitor

Because everything is readily available on linethe learning process and the results obtained from the learning process are easier to monitor.

Later, the person appointed by the company as manager can monitor which employees have attended the class, how often they attend it and whether they can finish the class well. From here, the effectiveness of online classes can be measured more.

6. Allows for the Development of Training Materials

Training materials will of course continue to evolve and need to be adapted to the needs and objectives of the training. E-learning already digital-based, you no longer need to incur additional costs when you want to add new training materials, just downloaduploadedjust go to e-learning then new training can be accessed by employees.

7. Creating Social Interaction

Even though the training was held on line and every employee has freedom in conducting learning, but each participant also still has the opportunity to discuss with other participants. This means that online learning is also able to support social interaction between participants with one another.

E-Learning Function

As a medium for learning, e-learning has several functions, namely:

1. Employee productivity can increase

2. Company performance will increase along with increased employee competence

3. More effective and efficient

That is the understanding, benefits and functions e-learning within the company that supports employee training more effectively and efficiently.

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