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The great potential of KIK Babel is enormous and this must be registered, not to be claimed by other regions.

Pangkalpinang ( – The Bangka Belitung Islands Provincial Government (Pemprov Babel) is collaborating with the Regional Office of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of the Babel Islands to explore the potential of Communal Intellectual Property (KIK), in order to encourage the development of tourism in the Sebalai Country.

“The great potential of KIK Babel is very large and this must be registered, lest it be claimed by other regions,” said Acting Governor of the Babel Islands Suganda Pandapotan Pasaribu while attending the 2023 KIK Socialization and Mapping of Cipta Karya Areas, in Pangkalpinang, Monday.

He said the potential of KIK for the Babel Islands Province, such as the typical food for otak-otak, Bangka martabak, Koba noodles and various cultural arts of the Babylonian people, must be registered immediately, in order to get legal protection, so that the local government can easily develop tourism to increase tourist visits.

“Just one example, namely otak-otak. Those otak-otak are originally from Babylon. But if they are not registered they can be taken elsewhere, the same is with martabak bangka, everywhere people are looking for martabak bangka, noodles koba. Has it been registered ? Must be registered, “he also said.

According to him, in designing tourism the big potential of KIK must be registered, because what will be sold as products is clear that those products are products from Babylon.

“With the guidance of the Regional Office of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, we together with the district and city governments will register the KIK potentials in this area,” he said.

He stated that by registering this KIK potential, of course Babel tourism would increase and become more well-known, the public would be more enthusiastic.

“So people will start to shift, meaning there are other sources that can provide for their lives, so that the environment will be maintained,” he said again.

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