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Tecno Mobile, together with Infinix and itel, is a smartphone manufacturer with affordable prices that many people in Indonesia may not know about. In its product portfolio, the Tecno Spark 9T is one that will attract attention on the Indonesian market in 2022. This is a simple variant of the Tecno Spark 9 Pro. As an entry-level phone, the Tecno Spark 9T is perfect for anyone on a budget but wants to experience the latest technology on a smartphone. Before deciding to buy, here are the advantages and disadvantages of the Tecno Spark 9T that you need to know. Pros of Tecno Spark 9T Don’t let a brand like Tecno that isn’t well known make you doubt the quality of their cellphone. In fact, the Tecno Spark 9T has a number of interesting advantages, as follows. Big Screen The Tecno Spark 9T comes with a very large screen to support your visual experience, whether it’s watching movies, browsing or playing games. The large screen with a thin bezel will make users feel happy. This phone has a waterdrop notch front camera design that makes the bezels around it very slim. The 6.6-inch screen size feels right to the eye, with HD+ resolution (720 x 1600 pixels). This smartphone screen comes with an aspect ratio of 20: 9 which is accompanied by a pixel density of 266 ppi (pixels per inch). The Tecno Spark 9T is also included in the list of entry-level HP which is equipped with a high refresh rate of 90 Hz. This means you no longer need to buy an upper middle class cellphone to experience smooth scrolling on the screen. Long-lasting battery The Tecno Spark 9T comes with a battery capacity of 5,000 mAh, which can last up to a day or two. Whether it’s for social media use, browsing, phone calls, or other purposes, daily usage will last longer. But if you use it to play games continuously, of course the battery will run out faster. However, you no longer need to carry a power bank everywhere because of its long battery life. Elegant Design The Tecno Spark 9T has an aesthetic body design and gives an elegant, chic impression. The camera module is uniquely and creatively designed by surrounding each of the two camera lenses, which differs from the majority of cellphones with a rectangular camera island and black color. The back body is made of plastic material, but looks like glass and looks beautiful. However, it easily leaves smudges and requires frequent wiping. Tecno includes a transparent case with a typographic design pattern that says SPARK repeated to protect the phone and add to the aesthetics. There are four colors available: Quantum Black, Burano Blue, Particle Silver, and Vitality Green. We really like the fiery green color and are unique to Vitality Green. With a unique and attractive design, the Tecno Spark 9T is suitable for those who are bored with conventional designs. In addition, the body design can be found on affordable entry-level phones. Hi-Res Front Camera The Tecno Spark 9T looks to be one of the few phones that offers a front camera with higher resolution than the rear one. The rear camera comes with a 13 MP (f/1.85) main sensor and a 2 MP (f/2.4) bokeh camera with an AI lens, while the front camera has a higher resolution, which is 32 MP. This shows that this phone is indeed more aimed at shooting selfies than rear photography. In addition to selfies, this high-resolution front camera is also suitable for supporting distance learning or online meetings. On the rear camera, there is an autofocus feature for the main lens, as well as Quad-LED Flash and HDR mode. Meanwhile, on the front camera, there is a Dual-LED Flash which helps increase light in low light conditions. Both cameras also support video recording up to 1080p at 30 FPS. Based on some of the photo examples above, the Tecno Spark 9T is able to produce photos that are quite decent for its class. Even so, the HDR quality can still be improved. For the front camera, this phone also offers a selfie portrait mode. However, the blur effect on the background is less visible and looks similar to the results of ordinary selfie photos. Fortunately, the rear camera still offers a portrait mode with a more visible blur effect. Overall, for an entry-level cellphone, the Tecno Spark 9T camera can still be considered good. Extensive Memory Although entry-level phones are often criticized for their minimal internal memory capacity, the Tecno Spark 9T actually has a relieved internal memory option. This phone is available in two capacity options, namely 64 GB and 128 GB on the eMMC 5.1 standard. Apart from that, this phone is also equipped with 4GB LPDDR4X RAM which allows users to install many applications and play games without any multitasking problems. The Tecno Spark 9T also provides a Memory Fusion feature which allows users to virtually increase RAM capacity by borrowing up to 3 GB of internal memory. That way, the total RAM capacity can reach 7 GB. In addition, this phone also has a separate external memory card slot, so users can increase storage by inserting a microSD card and still using the Dual SIM LTE feature simultaneously. Aesthetic and Functional Interface What is quite pleasant about this cellphone is also on the interface side. Yes, this phone was released with Android 12 (when this cellphone was launched) covered in the HiOS 8.6 interface. This interface has one of the most elegant and aesthetic looks overall. According to a YouTuber named Oscarmini, there will be no update to the Android version at all on this cellphone. So, you will forever use Android 12 without being able to update to Android 13 and so on. This OS interface also tends to present bloatware and notification ads which are quite intrusive. However, it seems that this is quite common for entry-level phones. HiOS 8.6 has an elegant but minimalist icon and wallpaper display. This is not to burden the user’s eyes with visual elements that can be distracting. The design concept takes inspiration from the movement of clouds and the effect of raindrops to give the impression of a cool life. This operating system also provides a media converter feature from video to mp3. Also, there is a Photo Video feature that can turn a group of photos into a video by simply selecting and selecting a template. Other built-in features are also present, such as App Twin for cloning applications (so that one application can use two different accounts), video editor, optimization features, face-to-face translation, and many more. Comes with a Fingerprint Sensor on the Side Tecno Spark 9T not only offers the face unlock feature as a fast, safe and practical screen opening feature. However, the cellphone also provides a fingerprint scanner sensor feature. No half-hearted, the scanner sensor is not placed behind, but on the side! For entry-level phones, this is a rare feature. The sensor on the side that is integrated with the power button gives a natural feeling of use. The average user must often place their finger on the power button, so it doesn’t feel foreign when scanning fingerprints. This sensor even runs so fast, you barely feel there is a pause from the moment your finger touches the sensor to when the screen lock is unlocked. Using USB Type-C When looking at cheap cell phones, we often find microUSB ports that are considered obsolete. This is caused by the difficulty of inserting the cable into the microUSB port due to its trapezoidal and asymmetrical shape. However, the Tecno Spark 9T managed to prove that it was the right choice because it uses a more modern USB Type-C 2.0 port. In addition to supporting blind mating plugging (can be inserted from both sides), USB Type-C also supports high data transfer rates. Disadvantages of the Tecno Spark 9T After reading the advantages above, maybe you are interested in buying the Tecno Spark 9T. However, there are some drawbacks worth noting: Helio G37 Chipset Lacks Power in its Class The Tecno Spark 9T uses the Helio G37 chipset, which was released in the fourth quarter of 2021. Even though it was relatively new when this phone was launched, this chipset is less powerful compared to competing chipsets that have already been launched. more gahar to play games. Helio G37 is not equipped with Cortex A7x, so it is not ready to support heavy games. Only suitable for light daily use such as multi-tasking, browsing, streaming, and others. Without Fast Charging Even though the Tecno Spark 9T has a USB Type-C port, this cellphone is not supported by the fast charging feature. This HP sales package includes a 10 W charge, because the cellphone doesn’t support fast charging at all. It is known, the time to charge the cellphone from 0-100% takes quite a long time, which is 3 hours. Conclusion The Tecno Spark 9T provides a comfortable user experience in terms of battery and camera resistance. The interface is also quite pleasant with various features and aesthetic appearance. However, an underpowered chipset and no fast charging feature can be a weakness for this phone. So, be sure to consider these drawbacks before buying.

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