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The Tecno Spark 8C is an affordable smartphone that offers unlimited features. With quite high specs in its class, users can enjoy the quality of an expensive smartphone for only Rp. 1.5 million. The advantages include an attractive design, expandable RAM, a battery that lasts all day, and good enough performance for gaming. Even the Tecno Spark 8C is able to beat some 2 million phones by a significant margin. However, before buying it, there are a few things to note. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Tecno Spark 8C? Find the answer in the following points. The advantages of the Tecno Spark 8C Even though they have a limited budget, users can have a quality smartphone with the Tecno Spark 8C. Here are some of the advantages that the Tecno Spark 8C has. Large Screen with Refresh Rate 90 Hz Tecno Spark 8C has a screen that is large enough and rich in features to provide more convenience for users. This cellphone has a 6.6-inch wide screen with HD + 720p resolution and an aspect ratio of 20: 9. With a fairly thin bezel, this HP screen can provide a more immersive experience when watching movies or playing games. The front camera with a waterdrop notch design is also quite helpful in achieving a high body to screen ratio, which is around 83.7%. Tecno Spark 8C also offers a high refresh rate of 90 Hz which will display animations more smoothly than the usual 60 Hz. In the price range of Rp. 1 million, this is a luxury that deserves to be appreciated. Users can also select regular 60 Hz mode or Auto-Switch Refresh Rate to switch automatically depending on the activity being performed. Tecno Spark 8C Fingerprint Sensor, although it is a smartphone in the entry level class, is equipped with a rear fingerprint sensor or rear fingerprint scanner. The fingerprint sensor on the back doesn’t look as flashy as most other cellphones. This is due to the extended body design on the camera bump so that it covers the indented part as the fingerprint sensor. With this fingerprint scanner, users don’t just rely on Face Unlock or patterns/passwords to unlock the screen. Awesome Unisoc T606 Runway + Memory Fusion Usually, HP with a price of one million is only equipped with an inadequate chipset. However, the Tecno Spark 8C proves otherwise. This cellphone is equipped with the Unisoc Tiger T606 chipset, a special SoC in the budget class. This SoC has an eight-core processor with two Cortex A75 units and six Cortex A55 units, with speeds of up to 1.6 GHz. The existence of the Cortex A75 microarchitecture indicates that this cellphone can carry out quite heavy activities, such as gaming or video editing. The Tecno Spark 8C is also equipped with a Mali G57 MP1 graphics processing card with a frequency of 650 MHz. For the version released in Indonesia, this cellphone only has one 4GB LPDDR4x RAM option and 64GB eMMC 5.1 internal memory. However, you can expand storage with microSDXC in the available separate slot. Multi-tasking performance on this smartphone is supported by Memory Fusion which can add up to 3 GB of virtual RAM, bringing the total RAM to 7 GB. Large 5,000 mAh Battery The Tecno Spark 8C is equipped with a 5,000 mAh capacity battery, which has now become standard in the smartphone industry. Even though it is an entry-level cellphone, the battery on this cellphone can last up to more than one day with normal use. According to a review from YouTuber Teknologue, when used to play PUBG Mobile for one hour with a WiFi connection, the battery only decreases by 10 percent. This superior battery performance, especially for a million cell phone, may be due to the HD + screen resolution which is more economical than the FHD + screen. The body design is quite unique. For users who prioritize cellphone body designs to show off, the Tecno Spark 8C is the right choice. Even though the price is affordable, the design still looks elegant and far from cheap. The rear body of the cellphone uses polycarbonate plastic with neat accent lines and is located on the right side of the body. Above these lines are the words “STOP AT NOTHING” which describes the superior performance of this cellphone or it could be referring to the battery that lasts up to a day. The fingerprint sensor which is next to the camera module is quite hidden so that users are more flexible in choosing the casing to use. The front also looks elegant with a thin bezel and uses a waterdrop notch design as a selfie camera housing. Solid Dual Camera The Tecno Spark 8C has two rear cameras that are capable of producing pretty good photos for its class. Even though it looks like it has three lenses, one of these lenses is just a QVGA sensor that functions as an AI lens. The main camera has a resolution of 13 MP with an aperture of f/1.8 and a focal length of 27 mm. Camera features include AI Scene Recognition, HDR, and an LED flash which helps in taking photos in low light conditions. Unfortunately, this phone doesn’t have a Night Mode feature, so the photos at night look dark and have a lot of noise. However, shooting conditions in daylight look very good, especially in portrait mode where it can produce a nice bokeh effect. The rear camera is also capable of recording videos with a maximum resolution of 1080p at 30 FPS, but lacks stabilization, so videos can appear shaky when recording while walking. The front camera has a resolution of 8 MP with an LED flash feature which is sufficient to support selfie and video call activities. Disadvantages of the Tecno Spark 8C Even though it has amazing advantages at an affordable price, the Tecno Spark 8C also has drawbacks that need to be considered before buying. The following are some of the disadvantages that this cellphone has: Screen is still HD + The Tecno Spark 8C screen is indeed quite large and has good display quality. The presence of a 90 Hz refresh rate is also a distinct advantage for budget HP fans. However, this screen still has HD+ or 720p resolution. With a low resolution, the sharpness of the screen is not as good as a cellphone screen that has Full HD + 1080p resolution. The pixel density level is only around 267 ppi, which means the sharpness is less than ideal for watching or playing games. Not Having NFC Features Although not a primary requirement, the NFC feature has become a standard for many cell phones today. Unfortunately, the Tecno Spark 8C is not equipped with the NFC feature. This may not be so important for some people, but considering that its predecessor, the Tecno Spark 7, was equipped with the NFC feature, the absence of this feature on the Tecno Spark 8C can be considered a drawback. Using the MicroUSB Port The Tecno Spark 8C uses a microUSB port which is somewhat outdated. This port is less practical and has a lower data transfer speed compared to the USB Type-C port which is commonly used on today’s cell phones. This may not be a big problem, but many phones at the same price or cheaper already use a USB Type-C port, such as the Advan G9 Pro, Advan GX, and Infinix Note 10. Charging Limited at 10 W, No Fast Charging If You want fast charging on the Tecno Spark 8C, you might be disappointed. Because this cellphone is not yet equipped with fast charging technology and only supports 5V/2A charging, aka 10 W. Due to this limitation, it will take longer to charge the phone to fully charge the battery. However, the advantage is that the battery can last all day on a single charge due to the large battery capacity. According to tests from the YouTube Teknologue account, charging time from 0-100% takes about 2 hours 50 minutes or almost three hours. Even if it takes a while, you can charge your phone at night before going to bed so that it will be fully charged when you wake up in the morning. Conclusion The Tecno Spark 8C proves that an affordable cellphone can also offer attractive features. In the price range of 1.5 million, this cellphone offers a screen with a refresh rate of 90 Hz, a large capacity 5,000 mAh battery, premium design, and a chipset with the ARM Cortex A7x microarchitecture. However, there are a number of things that must be considered, such as the absence of a fast charging feature, a screen that only has HD+ resolution, and a charging port that still uses USB Micro-B. In addition, the absence of the NFC feature on this cellphone can also be an unfortunate drawback, although this is unrealistic to expect on a cellphone with a price of 1 million. Overall, the Tecno Spark 8C is suitable for users with an inclination to play games and take photos without spending a lot of money. With the Memory Fusion feature, this phone is also suitable for users with high productivity demands. Are you interested?

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