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Play Games Simultaneously Broaden Financial and Crypto Insights on Mortgage Calculator – Playing casual games is an inexpensive solution to relieve stress or make your mind fresher. Playing games is also increasingly useful when games are able to provide increased insight and financial literacy, such as the games offered on the Mortage Calculator website. The site does not only provide casual casual games, but comes with financial, business, crypto themes, as well as simulations that are ready to entertain and increase knowledge.

Games on Mortage Calculator it carries a casual concept that is light, easy to understand, and easy to play. So that it effectively relieves stress and entertains, without being burdened by complicated strategies. Laptophia tried several games provided by Mortage Calculator, ranging from the simulator genre to crypto-themed ones, curious? Following is the experience of the Laptophia team.

Get to know the game on the Mortgage Calculator

Mortgage Calculator is a site located at which provides various kinds of web-based games that can be played as much as you like for free for children and adults. The game provided by the Mortgage Calculator site is different from most similar game sites because it carries the theme of finance, business and crypto. Not only just relieving stress, playing games on the Mortgage Calculator also broadens financial and crypto insights.

Apart from being free, the Mortgage Calculator site is easy to use and hassle-free. We can play games on the site without having to bother registering first, logging in, entering email, and so on. Open the Mortgage Calculator site and you can immediately play the available games. We don’t need to download games because everything is web-based.

According to Laptophia, the most fun thing on the Mortgage Calculator site is that it is completely free and can be played to your heart’s content. You will not find annoying ads or in-app purchase systems. So, we can play all the levels in the game available on the Mortgage Calculator as long as we are able to complete the existing tasks. None of the items have to be purchased with real money, so they are safe for kids.

Broaden Financial and Crypto Insights in Mortgage Calculator

Many studies have revealed that playing games can reduce or even relieve stress. Of course, not all games are stress relievers. Choose games that are light or casual, so you don’t overload your mind with complicated strategies. the games available on the Mortgage Calculator site are mostly light casual games, so you can play and de-stress after a hard day at work.

The games on Mortgage Calculator are not only light and fun, but also bring insight into finance, business, and even crypto. Some of the games available carry simulation gameplay such as Cashier Simulator, Supermarket Numbers, Farming Simulation, and many more. There are even some crypto, stock, finance, and so on themed games.

Laptophia was intrigued enough to try out some of the games provided by this Mortgage Calculator site. After almost a full month of trying several of the games provided, Laptophia tends to choose games that are simple and light, so they can really relieve stress. then what games did Laptophia try?

Mahjong Solitaire

The game on the Mortage Calculator that Laptophia often plays is Mahjong Solitaire. This game does not carry a financial theme, but the gameplay is addictive and challenging. After work, Laptophia often plays Mahjong Solitaire for more than an hour. This game is inspired by the classic Mahjomg game from China combined with gameplay innovations and unique graphics that symbolize historical places such as the leaning tower of Pisa, Pyramid and many more.

How to play this game is relatively easy, players only need to find as many Mahjong pieces with the same symbol as possible. At first glance, this mahjong Solitaire gameplay sounds simple and easy, right? After trying to play it, this is not as easy as imagined. This game requires precision and concentration to find mahjong with the same symbol.

This Mahjong Solitaire game does require peace of mind, precision, and precision to finish quickly. As long as laptophia tries this game, on average it takes 8 minutes to 10 minutes for one game round. This game is simple, challenging, and enough to train concentration.

Bitcoin Bubble Shooter

The second game in Mortage Calculator that caught the attention of the Laptophia team was Bitcoin Bubble Shooter. As the name implies, the Bitcoin Bubble Shooter game invites players to shoot bubbles or balls with the same logo to form three or more bubbles with identical logos. If you’ve ever played Gamehouse’s Bounce Out game, Bitcoin Bubble Shooter has almost the same gameplay.

What’s unique about Bitcoin Bubble Shooter is that it displays the cryptocurrency logo on the balls. There are logos for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, XRP, Cardano, and more. Uniquely, every time the game is held, the background of the arena reads ‘End The Fed’. Playing this Bitcoin Bubble Shooter game will add to your memory about the various crypto logos that exist today.

Slightly different from Bounce Out, this Bitcoin Bubble Shooter game consists of 80 stages and each must get three stars. Not only that, each stage also has a goal that must be achieved. The higher the stages, the higher the level of difficulty. Players can activate power up options to improve aiming guidance and swap balls as needed.

So far, Bitcoin Bubble Shooter is one of the most entertaining and addictive games on Mortage Calculator according to Laptophia. It doesn’t require a lot of concentration and precision, you just have to shoot the ball to finish the game. So much fun, right?

Tractor Mania

The third game in Mortage Calculator that caught the attention of the Laptophia team was Tractor Mania. As the name implies, this Tractor Mania game carries the theme of simulating driving a tractor carrying a load of agricultural produce. The objective of this game is quite simple, transport the crops by driving the tractor safely and minimize the crops that fall on the road.

When you run the Tractor Mania game for the first time, players will get a tractor with basic specifications and an initial capital of 100 to upgrade the tractor. After that, this Tractor Mania game starts with filling the tractor load with crops and then the player will deliver it to its destination. The less cargo that is wasted during the trip, the value will be better.

After completing the mission, players will get money that can be used to upgrade the tractor used, starting from the engine, tires, fuel, and much more. The more sophisticated the tractor, of course, the higher the chance to score a good score.

This Tractor Mania game consists of 180 stages with a higher level of difficulty. players have to face several obstacles such as ups and downs, bridges, poor road quality, and so on. These obstacles will make the tractor tub shake and make the load of crops thrown. The challenge is how the player controls the tractor to minimize the load being thrown or wasted due to the increasingly difficult terrain.

Laptophia likes this Tractor Mania game because it presents a fun, simple simulation. Provides an overview of managing a tractor, improving tractor capabilities, and also practicing agility while playing.


Not only does it relieve stress, but playing games on the Mortage Calculator also has benefits such as increasing financial and crypto insights. Apart from that, it can also improve business analysis and study skills such as simulation-based games offered by this Mortage Calculator site. Games like Tractor Mania, Farm Factory, Bitcoin Bubble Shooter, Coffee Shop, and so on are ready to fill your spare time while increasing your knowledge.

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