Collaborates with Visa, Now Becomes a Business Payment Solutions Provider (BPSP) Partner –

Posted on Collaborates with Visa, Now Becomes a Business Payment Solutions Provider (BPSP) Partner – PT Visa Worldwide Indonesia (Visa Indonesia) and PT Pakar Digital Global ( held an inauguration ceremony for the collaboration as well as the appointment of as one of the Business Payment Solution Provider (BPSP) partners with the largest transaction volume in Indonesia. The event was held in the form of a panel discussion entitled “Accelerate Your Business to New Heights” at the Fairmont Hotel Jakarta.

Attended by Yosia Sugialam, CEO & Co-Founder of, Dessy Masri, Head of Products and Solutions Visa Indonesia, as well as startup founders, banking partners, and influencers such as Fellexandro Ruby, William Gozali, Patricia Stephanie, and Theo Derrick, the event This is expected to educate business actors about the increasingly massive and inclusive trend of digital payments, especially in the concept of using credit cards for productive things in business, not just consumptive. Collaborates with Visa, Now Becomes a Business Payment Solutions Provider (BPSP) Partner

“ has grown to become the largest BPSP partner for Visa based on transactions in Indonesia, and we are proud to continue this partnership and grow together in providing payment solutions for various types of domestic businesses.”

“Users of the platform have the opportunity to further streamline corporate expenses as well as transact within the Visa network worldwide, with simple processes and take full advantage of our synergies. I’m sure can grow even stronger and I hope we can expand our partnership us in the future,” said Riko Abdurrahman, President Director of Visa Indonesia.

“We are very pleased with the trust given by VISA Indonesia to as a BPSP VISA partner business payment platform. This is part of a series of collaborations that and VISA are doing to provide innovative business payment solutions and help not only corporate companies, but also MSMEs. This collaboration will make it very easy for businesses to use credit cards, because they are definitely accepted anywhere. Cashflow is anti-jamming,” said CEO & Co-founder, Yosia Sugialam.

As a BPSP provider partner, helps process business payments for business actors to suppliers using credit cards in the Visa network. This payment can be made even if the supplier/vendor does not accept credit card payment options or does not provide an EDC machine. Business actors will also get an additional period of up to 45 days, because the credit card bill is not paid immediately by the cardholder, but is paid according to the credit card bill date.

Other payments such as operational costs for building rent, water and so on can be done easily. Finally, making and sending digital invoices can be done for free on, recorded automatically and can be affixed directly with the original e-seat, because is already working with PERURI.

This collaboration is expected to be a sign of the revolution in inter-business payments (B2B) in Indonesia, especially to suppliers/vendors. Business actors who usually cannot choose the payment method they want can now pay using anything, including credit cards. Business payments become smoother, cashflow is controlled while maximizing the attractive benefits offered by credit cards such as increasing collection of points and miles.

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