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San Francisco-(Rifyu.com/PRNewswire)- Mixpanel, a pioneer of event results analytics, is expanding its focus beyond product teams to bring marketers the power of event-based results analytics.

Today, marketers use legacy tools like Google Analytics to learn how prospects interact with ads and content, but that’s where the understanding usually ends. After the conversion, the product team starts tracking user “happenings” in the app to build better features. However, brands need a combined detailed view of the entire user journey so that marketing can drive growth by appealing to the user groups that derive long-term value from the app.

That’s why Mixpanel has expanded its event-based analytic results tools to meet the needs of modern digital marketers. With Mixpanel Marketing Analytics, brands can:

Understand which channels drive new users with multi-touch attribution, and understand the various paths new users take to build long-term value

Increase your Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) by regularly monitoring channel and campaign performance

Identify the brand’s most valuable customer segments to improve campaign targeting by building demographic or behavioral cohorts

Measuring how different groups of users interact with content so that websites can be customized based on cohorts of users really matter for net profit

Mauricio Saez, Data Insights Director, Talent.com shares: “At Talent.com, we use Mixpanel to understand user behavior on our platform. This tool provides deep insight into different cohorts of users and how they interact with our apps and websites. Its ability to combine these insights with different advertising campaigns, specifically to improve the effectiveness of our search engine advertising, helps us better understand advanced users, the effectiveness of our buying funnel, make better marketing investments and ultimately generate Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). we are strong.”

Marketers can also aggregate and centralize data with a Customer Data Platform (CDP) such as Twilio’s Segment before feeding it to Mixpanel to actually power highly personalized customer experiences.

For brands with CDPs, the results of event analytics can help them take the next step by leveraging their first-party data to personalize ongoing customer experiences based on the actions they take in brand apps. For example, if a certain type of user regularly unsubscribes when it’s time to upgrade, it’s possible that a new paid plan could be deployed in a few months.

Amir Movafaghi, CEO, Mixpanel commented: “Mixpanel has been innovating event analytics results since 2010. Tracking user ‘events’ provides the most granular understanding and as third-party cookies disappear, brands tell us they want to extend this approach to their marketing efforts.” to get a complete picture of the entire customer journey using first-party data. Google has also clearly acknowledged this with GA4 redesigned to be event-driven. However, we believe it’s much easier for Mixpanel to add marketing analytics results than it was for Google or Adobe to control events.”

Released today, Mixpanel Marketing Analytics comes with ready-to-use templates so marketers familiar with the Google Analytics dashboard can switch to Mixpanel and see familiar, standard marketing metrics along with conversion and other in-product engagement metrics.

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