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Balikpapan (Rifyu.com) – The Balikpapan Harbormaster and Port Authority (KSOP) Office, East Kalimantan, has issued coastline utilization permits related to the construction of the State Capital (IKN) for 15 business entities, until April 2023.

“There are still three more that are being processed,” said the Head of the Sailing Safety Division, Dimyati, in Balikpapan, Thursday.

Most of the utilization is on the south side of Balikpapan Bay or in the North Penajam Paser section.

Dimyati added, obtaining a permit to utilize the coastline also requires a recommendation from the local government where the location requested is available. In this case, it means that a recommendation from the North Penajam Paser Regency Government is also needed.

“Because later it will have something to do with infrastructure such as roads, as well as with other businesses such as loading and unloading services at the port,” explained Dimyati.

The use of the coastline, or in simple terms it can be called a ship berth or wharf and port, by the 15 companies is mainly used to serve ships carrying building materials and other logistics for the Archipelago National Capital (IKN) project.

Up to that many ports are possible because of the limited water depth on the coastline, which is a maximum of four meters. With that depth, the maximum that can berth is a ship with a draft of three meters.

Dimyati, Head of Sailing Safety Unit, Balikpapan KSOP (Rifyu.com/novi abdi)

“What can be effective and efficient with a three-meter draft is only a 120-foot pontoon,” explained Dimyati. While some pontoons are up to 300 feet in size but with deeper drafts, so they cannot dock at these ports. So naturally more pontoons are needed, and then more ports to ensure that the IKN development target is achieved.

By 2024 it is targeted that the state palace and the offices of at least five ministries plus the TNI-Polri headquarters will already be established at the IKN, as well as housing for civil servants, civil servants or the military. The President himself has an office at IKN.

Some of the building materials had to be imported from other areas because they were not available in the desired quality or in the required quantities in East Kalimantan. Mountain stones for foundations, for example, or gravel for concrete mixes, the best that is believed in East Kalimantan are stones and gravel from rock mountains in Central Sulawesi.

Because of that, he said the building materials were imported from that province. Each ready-mix concrete company in Balikpapan usually brings tons of these stones and gravel by pontoon to Balikpapan. That number is even greater with the existence of this IKN.

Reporter: Novi Abdi
Editor: Guido Merung

source: www.antaranews.com

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