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Not only at KPU RI, on the same date because it was held simultaneously throughout Indonesia

Jakarta ( – The General Elections Commission (KPU) of the Republic of Indonesia stated that all of its staff, from the central to regional levels, are ready to accept registration of prospective legislative candidates for DPR RI, Provincial DPRD and Regency/City DPRD as well as candidates for DPD members for the 2024 election.

“Not only at the RI KPU, on the same date because it was carried out simultaneously throughout Indonesia, our ranks at the provincial KPU and regency/city KPU, there are 38 provinces and 514 districts/cities, all are ready to carry out the same thing. “Everyone is ready to receive guests (political parties registering candidates for legislative and DPD member candidates),” said KPU RI Deputy for Technical Support Secretariat General Eberta Kawima at the KPU RI Office, Jakarta, Monday.

Kawima also conveyed that KPU at the central level and all provinces and districts/cities in Indonesia ensured the readiness of places, facilities, and parties who accepted registration for candidates for the DPR, Provincial DPRD, and Regency/Municipal DPRD as well as candidates for DPD members for the 2024 Election.

Previously, in a press conference at the KPU RI Office, Jakarta, Sunday (30/4), the KPU RI had announced the acceptance of registration for legislative candidates for DPR, Provincial DPRD and Regency/Municipal DPRD, as well as candidates for DPD members for the 2024 Election to be held on 1- May 14, 2023.

KPU RI chairman Hasyim Asy’ari stated that this was carried out in accordance with KPU Regulation (PKPU) Number 3 of 2022 concerning Stages and Schedule for the 2024 Election.

“On May 1-14 2023 according to the schedule, namely the registration of candidates for members of the DPR RI, Provincial DPRD, Regency/City DPRD by political parties to the KPU, according to their level. Likewise the registration of candidates for DPD members,” said Hasyim.

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Furthermore, he said that the registration of candidates for DPR RI for all electoral districts (dapil) would be carried out by the central leadership of political parties (parpol) by visiting the RI KPU Office.

Then the prospective candidates for provincial DPRD members will be registered by each provincial level political party administrator to the respective provincial KPU and prospective candidates for regency/city DPRD members will be registered by political party officials at the regency/city level at the respective regency/city KPU offices. .

Meanwhile, for the registration of candidates for DPD RI, Hasyim emphasized that this could only be registered by prospective candidates who had met the support requirements that had been submitted to the provincial KPU.

The KPU RI has previously determined that 700 prospective DPD RI members meet the minimum requirements for voter support and distribution to take part in the 2024 elections.

Hasyim reminded that as usual the registration procedure for the previous election stages, the KPU will serve the registration of prospective candidates for the 2024 Election with operating hours from 08.00 WIB-16.00 local time for May 1-13 2023.

“For the last day, May 14 2023, it will be held from 08.00-23.59 local time,” he said.

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Reporter: Tri Meilani Ameliya
Editor: Indra Gultom


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