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Malang, East Java (Rifyu.com) – Army Chief of Staff (Kasad) General Dudung Abdurachman inaugurated the Kartika Mutiara Disability Foundation which is a forum for persons with disabilities located in the Pakisaji District Military Command (Koramil), Malang Regency, East Java.

Dudung, at Koramil 0818/07 Pakisaji, Malang Regency, said Wednesday that he appreciated the existence of the Kartika Mutiara Disability Foundation, which was initiated by a member of the Babinsa Koramil 0818/07 Pakisaji, First Sergeant (Sertu) Tri Djoko.

“I am proud to have a Babinsa named Djoko. He implements Kasad’s daily orders, in which every soldier must understand the people’s difficulties, must be able to overcome the people’s difficulties, whatever the difficulties must be a solution,” said Dudung.

Dudung explained Sertu Djoko initiated the Kartika Mutiara Disability Foundation which aims to accommodate people with disabilities and provide productive skills including providing basic education.

According to him, the existence of the foundation is one of the proofs that Babinsa is able to be present in the midst of society and help the difficulties they face. Steps to help the people is the main thing for TNI members.

“And I am very touched to see the hard work of my Babinsa who is really there in the midst of their difficulties, with extraordinary care so that they were able to create a foundation,” he said.

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On that occasion, Sergeant Tri Djoko who served in Pakisaji Village, Pakisaji District, Malang Regency said that the formation of the Kartika Mutiara Disability Foundation started from his concern for children with disabilities.

He said he met many people with disabilities who did not receive education due to limitations and economic problems. He was moved to help people with disabilities by providing basic education and creative provision.

“Initially, this was a small community. Because at that time there were children with disabilities who did not go to school due to the economy. No one picked them up, they were embarrassed, or environmental factors. In the end, we slowly studied at the Koramil,” he said.

Tri’s desire to pay more attention to people with disabilities, received attention and support from the leadership. So, as time went on, Kodim 0818/Malang-Batu created a forum called the Kartika Mutiara Disability Foundation.

Currently, there are 162 children with disabilities who are members of the Kartika Mutiara Disability Foundation. Those who do not go to formal school are given education at the Pakisaji Koramil office and are facilitated to develop skills in making several MSME products.

“This is only general education for those who don’t go to school. So, I emphasize that for schools in SLB, it is formal knowledge. While we are non-formal, we provide training such as reading, writing, arithmetic, singing and skills,” he said.

The foundation is a forum for the struggle of persons with disabilities to achieve their desires, using their limitations as their strength. It is hoped that these persons with disabilities will have high spirits going forward.

It is hoped that these limitations will not become an obstacle for them to excel and benefit themselves and the surrounding environment. The foundation encourages people with disabilities to be able to keep working.

Reporter: Vicki Febrianto
Editor: Chandra Hamdani Noor

source: www.antaranews.com

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