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We from HIMBARA have agreed to provide the same financing, there is no difference whether you want to come to BRI, BNI, BTN, or Mandiri, all are the same, namely through the ‘Use Molis’ program.

Jakarta (Rifyu.com) – The Association of State-Owned Banks (HIMBARA) agreed on the same financing scheme to succeed in the incentive policy program for a new type of two-wheeled Battery-Based Electric Motorized Vehicle (KBLBB) for people who want to have an electric motorbike (molis).

“We from HIMBARA have agreed to provide the same financing, there is no difference whether you want to come to BRI, BNI, BTN or Mandiri, all are the same, namely through the ‘Use Molis’ program,” said PT BRI Multifinance Indonesia President Director Azizatun Azhimah in a discussion on Periklindo Electric Vehicle Show (PEVS) 2023 event at JIExpo Kemayoran Jakarta, Wednesday (17/5).

The ‘Pakai Molis’ program, said Azizatun, comes with several conveniences such as low down payments starting at 0%, competitive interest rates, and a tenor of up to 5 years.

Azizatun added that HIMBARA has also prepared financing schemes for both subsidized and non-subsidized vehicles.

“We target the market for various professions, both self-employed employees, professionals, State Civil Apparatus, and so on,” he added.

He revealed that currently the community is still in the process of getting to know more about the government’s electric motorbike incentive program. Therefore, his party hopes that various education related to the KBLBB socialization can foster people’s self-confidence to switch to electric motorbikes.

Through the KBLBB program, the Government will provide subsidy assistance of IDR 7 million per unit for the purchase of 200,000 new electric motorbikes and IDR 7 million per unit for the conversion of 50,000 conventional motorbikes into electric vehicles.

“In the field, people are still asking for terms, subsidy categories, how to get subsidies, and other services. In terms of numbers, there are still very few who submit because this is still in the early stages. Our job is to provide information to customers. We hope that the dissemination of information will be more widespread. , thereby increasing customer confidence to buy an electric motorbike or make a conversion,” he explained.

In line with this, Bank Mandiri Deputy GH Consumer Loan Group Agus Hendra Purnama said that HIMBARA prioritizes the same financing scheme so that customers can take advantage of various sources such as using credit cards, Unsecured Loans, and others.

“In terms of finance we have a standard that the term can be up to 5 years. Even those who are given a subsidy, for example a price of 17 million rupiah, get a subsidy of 7 million rupiah, so they can pay it in installments for 5 years. Then, interest starts at 1 percent per month so this program is very attractive,” he said.

Meanwhile, BNI Multifinance Corporate Planning & Secretary Division Head Kristiawan Dwika explained that according to HIMBARA’s commitment, his party continues to support the Government’s efforts to accelerate the use of electric motorbikes.

“In terms of the financing structure it is very competitive as well as terms we make it easier for the public to access. Currently we are trying to increase the financing portion from month to month,” he said.

Meanwhile, Dedy Lesmana, Deputy Head of the Non-Subsidized Mortgage & Personal Lending Division of BTN, added that his party would assist the community with agreed terms and conditions, both in terms of financing, business models, and so on.

“Of course, having our branches spread throughout the region will help people to get easier access,” he concluded.

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Reporter: Ahmad Faishal Adnan
Editor: Biqwanto Situmorang

source: www.antaranews.com

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