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Jakarta ( – PDI Perjuangan presidential candidate Ganjar Pranowo met hundreds of students from all over Indonesia at the Graha National Association of Activists 98 (Pena98) in Jakarta, Saturday evening.

“I get extraordinary energy, I remember when I was a student, struggling with ideals, struggling never to be afraid, never tired and full of intelligence, hopefully they will become great children,” said Ganjar.

He said the students came from various regions and universities in Indonesia.

“Today we met, this is the next generation of Indonesians who have big dreams for the nation and for this republic,” he explained.

Ganjar explained that young people, especially students, need attention from the talents they have. The state needs to open up as wide as possible the talents of today’s youth, who perhaps have never been given the opportunity.

“This is a homework for me. When the trust is given, more spaces will be given to creative young people,” he stressed.

Apart from that, according to Ganjar, the dream of the nation’s founders, whereby Indonesia would become a developed and prosperous country would be faster, because the creative process lies with young people.

“Scientifically they are quite complete, relatively good education and great mastery of technology, but one thing they don’t have, the opportunity to be involved, is a space that must be opened,” he said.

Hundreds of students from all over Indonesia gathered at Graha Pena98 from a number of provinces in Indonesia. They were present at the same time commemorating 25 years of reform.

Secretary General of Pena98 Adian Napitupulu said that students currently need certainty, that no one is perfect, but at least they choose the best from the existing ones.

“In my opinion, from the statements of a number of students present, Ganjar seems to be in accordance with what they expected,” he said.

But then, he said, if there are other students who are different, so be it.

“They support Ganjar, I’m grateful, some don’t support it, this is a democratic country, that’s fine,” he said.

For information, registration for presidential and vice presidential candidates is scheduled to open from 19 October 2023 to 25 November 2023.

Based on Law Number 7 of 2017 concerning Elections (UU General Election), the presidential and vice presidential candidate pairs are proposed by political parties or coalitions of political parties participating in the election that meet the requirements for obtaining seats of at least 20 percent of the total seats in the DPR or obtaining 25 percent of valid votes. nationally in the previous parliamentary elections.

Currently there are 575 seats in parliament so the presidential and vice presidential candidate pairs in the 2024 Presidential Election must have the support of at least 115 seats in the Indonesian Parliament. Candidate pairs can also be carried by political parties or a combination of political parties participating in the 2019 Election with a minimum total of 34,992,703 valid votes.

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