Erick Thohir is ready to pay SOE dividends of IDR 80.2 trillion to the country in 2023 –

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this year we will give the largest dividend in the history of SOEs to the state of IDR 80.2 trillion

Jakarta ( – SOE Minister Erick Thohir is ready to distribute SOE dividends to the state in 2023 of IDR 80.2 trillion.

“Yesterday we had a meeting with Mr. President of Indonesia Jokowi and Mrs. Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani. As a result of our work (BUMN) last year, this year we will provide the largest dividend in the history of SOEs to the state of IDR 80.2 trillion,” said Erick Thohir at Taman Mini Indonesia Indah Jakarta, Monday.

This means, continued Erick, BUMN have contributed to the state, so that the state does not only get income from taxes but also good business results.

“(Dividend) For what? For programs that encourage community programs from the government such as social assistance and so on,” he said.

According to Erick, this is a balance that continues to be maintained where the SOEs are healthy but contribute to the people of Indonesia.

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Previously, Minister of BUMN Erick Thohir estimated that BUMN’s consolidated net profit would reach IDR 303.7 trillion (unaudited) in 2022.

Thus, there is a possibility of a very significant profit increase of IDR 179 trillion.

On this occasion, Erick also estimates an increase in assets from IDR 8,978 trillion in 2021 to IDR 9,867 trillion (unaudited) in 2022.

Then it is also estimated that the increase in equity from IDR 2,778 trillion in 2021 to IDR 3,150 trillion (unaudited) in 2022. Erick also predicts an increase in revenue from IDR 2,292 trillion in 2021 to IDR 2,613 trillion (unaudited) in 2022.

He mentioned the important role of BUMN in contributing to the state through dividends, taxes and Non-Tax State Revenue (PNBP).

Erick also said that what was very encouraging was the transformation of SOEs which had been pushed to nearly 70-75 percent, which meant that only 25 percent remained.

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