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Jakarta ( – Of course you are no stranger to several applications marketplace starting from Shopee, Tokopedia, Bukalapak, Blibli, and many other services.

At the moment marketplace has become an inseparable part in the digital era in meeting the needs of life.

Do you want to meet your basic needs? There is.

To meet fashion needs? The choices vary.

Even to meet the needs of paying water and electricity bills? Also available.

The convenience of one finger touch offered, makes users marketplace can get a variety of products easily without having to leave the house.

In Indonesia, from the 2022 National Online Shopping Day (Harbolnas) survey conducted by NielsenIQ, it is known that people are still very enthusiastic about shopping. on line variously presented marketplace.

It was recorded that the total transactions created reached Rp. 22.7 trillion, this amount was apparently 6x greater than the average spending on line per month at normal times and is said to have increased by 26 percent from the previous year.

With the convenience provided marketplace has supported people’s lives in the digital era to feel smoother and simpler.

Although it seems simple, marketplace actually built through a complex system.

In terms of utilization marketplace is a large container filled with more than thousands of users, both buyers and sellers.

It doesn’t stop there, with the size of the digital space then marketplace must also set up reliable cyber security.

With all that, is it true that only managers marketplace who is responsible for maintaining his safety and comfort?

Big container

In the introductory section, a little mention about marketplace as a large container filled by more than thousands of users, both buyers and sellers.

In a simpler way, the Chairman of the Indonesian E-commerce Association (idEA) Bima Laga illustrates that marketplace it’s like a mall or shopping center.

“Platforms e-commerce it is likened to a mall, later people sell there. The difference is with the mall, the platform sells thousands, right,” said Bima.

Ways of working marketplace it’s called User Generated Content.

UGC means that users have the flexibility and can independently upload and market their products on marketplace for buyers to buy.

Of course there are conditions that need to be met so that traders can sell on marketplace such as filling out administrative requirements to selling products that are safe for the public.

System from marketplace has also been created with sufficiently detailed categorization so that traders are expected not to sell random products and can also make it easier for customers to get their needs.

However, still, after a series of categorizations and strict policies, sometimes there are loopholes that are used by some unscrupulous traders to sell prohibited products or products with limited distribution permits.

One example of the rogue trader case in question is what happened in 2022.

The Yogyakarta Special Region Police at the end of December 2022 revealed five narcotics traffickers who tricked the system in e-commerce admitted to selling pet food.

However, with further search and investigation it turned out that they were selling illegal drugs.

From this example, we can learn that security and comfort in marketplace not only the responsibility of the manager, but also other parties involved, including users who are also expected to be responsible for using their accounts to trade online.

Universe collaboration

With many parties involved in the ecosystem marketplace so to create optimal security and comfort, universal collaboration is needed, all parties involved.

This collaboration means not only connecting the two parties, but really involving all parts of the ecosystem, starting from the manager marketplacethe government, as well as users and traders who use it must also work together to create a safe space in marketplace.

As an association to create space marketplace a safe and comfortable environment, idEA emphasizes socialization and education as the key to creating marketplace as a safe space for prohibited items.

The socialization in question is related to regulations and what categories of products are prohibited such as used clothes, drugs, cosmetics that do not have a distribution permit, to illegal drugs.

“The socialization is not only to the traders, but also to the users, and the socialization is not just done once or twice. It has to be done in the long term,” said Bima.

Bima gave an example for the case thrifting used clothes, the socialization that is carried out is not only the regulation and the basis for the prohibition, but, it must also be in the form of education regarding its impact on health and the impact on the environment.

“So that the community understands and eventually their interest decreases and the market can be abolished,” said Bima.

In addition to strengthening knowledge in the community, of course, from a platform perspective, the system must continue to improve the reliability of its system to act on findings of prohibited items that are dangerous to society.

An example of a platform e-commerce which is firm enough in this regard is Shopee. Shopee has strict rules regarding the types of goods that can and cannot be sold and has sanctions for sellers if they violate existing rules.

In fact they have a team as well as technology that oversees product sellers on their platform, and they will take down prohibited products if they are found on their platform.

There is also a system called “penalty points”, a point-based system designed by Shopee to reward sellers with good store performance so that they can become the main choice of buyers compared to sellers with poor store performance. “Naughty” sellers will also be subject to sanctions and warnings via push notifications until their product or store is blocked, either temporarily or permanently.

Such a policy indirectly filters qualified sellers from those who do not, so that sellers continue to benefit because transactions can be more secure.

From the association side, idEA also embraces relevant ministries or agencies in the government to more easily handle cases of distribution of prohibited products.

Cooperation that is already underway, for example with BPOM, when BPOM received reports from the public regarding shops selling prohibited drugs or food.

BPOM immediately notified idEA to follow up on the case.

“Within 1×24 hours we receive a report, we will immediately follow up. When there is merchants who break the rules if we still first ask them to stop selling their products independently. But if it keeps happening, we ban it and even the account is banned.banned,” said Bima.

Of course, the government and regulators must also provide appropriate regulations. idEA assesses that currently the rules and laws prepared by the Government to take action against these naughty parties are sufficient to provide a deterrent effect if enforced.

In this collaboration, of course, the community can also take part in creating space marketplace safe and comfortable for all parties. It is enough for the community to actively comply with the principle of “Follow The Rule” so that security is maintained marketplace for many parties can be optimal.

When buying a product, the public can first look at the existing descriptions and reviews, then see whether the product being sold already has a distribution permit and is indeed allowed to be traded.

And if you find prohibited products being sold at marketplacethe public can report it to the manager with the reporting features provided so that the product is no longer being traded.

The task of collaboration is indeed not easy, but what is clear is that it is in accordance with the principle of mutual cooperation because it is done together, of course it will feel light.

“Indeed to make marketplace this safe and comfortable place, the step taken was to surround the forbidden thing from all directions. It will be more effective because if you just wait for one party to handle all of this, it will certainly be difficult,” said Bima.

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Reporter: Livia Kristianti
Editor: Natisha Andarningtyas


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