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ChatGPT Prompt Writer: New Profession With Fantastic Salary

In an increasingly advanced digital era, technological developments have brought major changes in many aspects of our lives, including in the field of work. One of the new professions that is currently attracting attention is Prompt Writer or also called Prompt Engineer.

This work started to attract attention and was created since ChatGPT Open AI went viral and was widely used. This prompt aims to establish correct communication with the machine so as to produce correct and quality output.

What is ChatGPT Prompt Writer?

ChatGPT Prompt Writer is a person whose job is to direct ChatGPT using artificial intelligence (AI) to produce creative and interesting written content to answer questions, provide suggestions, and produce text that matches user needs. ChatGPT Prompt Writer functions as a guide when someone communicates with the AI ​​machine so that the correct direction of communication is formed between the machine and the user.

Why is ChatGT Prompt Writer necessary

The interaction between machines and humans depends on how specific the command input is given by humans, the output produced by AI depends on how specific an input is. therefore, with the help of Prompt Writer, it can direct users so that every command given to ChatGPT contains the right and quality phrases so as to produce good and quality interactions as well.

Exciting Salary for a Prompt Writer

The salary or income offered for a Prompt Writer reaches 4.9 billion per year or approximately around 400 million per month, wooow very tempting of course. But to become a Prompt Engineer is not easy, tech friends must at least have proficiency in programming languages ​​as well as have good language and phrase skills in establishing communication with AI machines.

That’s all, technical friends, at a glance, about Prompt Writer or Prompt Engineer, which is currently being hotly discussed at the moment because of the fantastic income and unique work.

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