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Acerpure Pro Vero Launched, Environmentally Friendly Air Purifier – Acerpure Inc. officially announced the arrival of the Air Purifier product or Acerpure Pro Vero air purifier, the first of its kind to incorporate post-consumer recycled (PCR) materials in its chassis.

The Acerpure Pro Vero Air Purifier reflects the environmentally friendly Vero product line from its parent company, namely Acer. Acerpure Inc. itself focuses on developing lifestyle and consumer products, which utilize smart features to improve the quality of life while providing benefits to the environment around its users.

Acerpure Pro Vero Launched, Environmentally Friendly Air Purifier

“Acerpure is committed to sustainability and innovation, and the launch of the Acerpure Pro Vero Air Purifier is testament to the company’s commitment,” said Andrew Hou, Chairman of Acerpure Inc.

“We are proud to offer products that not only keep the air clean but also reduce waste and environmental impact by using recyclable materials such as PCR plastic and the energy-efficient Green Mode feature. We believe that the Acerpure Pro Vero Air Purifier is a breakthrough in the cleaning industry. air, and we are excited to be able to share that technology with our customers.”

Modern Design and Eco-Friendly Materials

The Acerpure Pro Vero Air Purifier is made with 35% PCR plastic in the chassis, helping to reduce CO2 emissions by 20% during production compared to using new plastic[1]. In addition, this product uses water-based inks and recyclable packaging to minimize its carbon footprint.

With a space-saving exterior appearance, a clean matte white surface, and an intuitive LED touch panel, the Air Purifier Pro Vero has a simple but modern impression and makes the product the center of attention when placed as a complement to the interior of the home or office.

Equipped with an Air Quality Sensor and Energy Saving Mode

This latest Air Purifier is equipped with a PM2.5 air quality sensor, which functions to detect particles floating in the room, and is able to switch automatically to the appropriate operating mode in real-time.

The device also informs the user of the current air quality through three different light indicators (green/yellow/red) and “Green Mode” can efficiently adjust its purification power based on the surrounding conditions. Its DC motor enables high performance with low energy consumption while in use and even in “Quiet Mode”, operating with reduced noise and no lighting, enabling simultaneous improvement of sleep conditions and air quality.

Advanced Filtration System

The Acerpure Pro Vero Air Purifier comes with an advanced 3-in-1+ HEPA Filter, which is able to isolate bacteria and 99.9% of floating PM2.5 particles[2] in the air. In addition, this filter also effectively filters harmful gases and allergens through its 4-layer protection system.

Tested by third-party laboratories, the filter with activated carbon cotton is reinforced with anti-formaldehyde coating to remove 99% of formaldehyde and other harmful substances around it, keeping your home and indoor space always fresh and clean.

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