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Jakarta ( – The News Agency summarized the hot news on Wednesday (26/4), starting from Polda Metro Jaya declaring they would still be holding large-scale patrols to the police urging motorcyclists to stay focused when entering Jakarta.

The following are links to news about crime that are still interesting to read again.

1. Polda Metro Jaya stated that they would still hold large-scale patrols

Kapolda Metro Jaya Inspector General Pol Karyoto instructed all middle officers (pamen) Polda Metro Jaya to continue to carry out large-scale patrols during Operation Ketupat Jaya 2023.

“I ordered to continue to carry out large-scale patrols and even increase night patrols, especially in housing areas that are still leaving homecoming and in areas that do not have security or security units,” said Karyoto in a written statement received in Jakarta, Wednesday.

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2. Three tourists were arrested because of abuse by police officers in Garut

The Garut Resort Police arrested three youths who were tourists from Bandung for abusing a member of the Water and Air Police Unit who was on duty to secure a tourist attraction on Santolo Beach, Garut Regency, West Java.

“The perpetrators are not residents of Garut, they are tourists who we have arrested for abusing our members,” said Head of the Garut Resort Police AKBP Rio Wahyu Anggoro during a press conference on the case of abuse against members of the National Police in Garut, Wednesday.

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3. Police urge motorcyclists to stay focused when entering Jakarta

Police officers on standby at the Security Post in Kalimalang (East Jakarta) appealed to motorcyclists who are starting to return to focus on driving when entering the DKI Jakarta area so that accidents do not occur.

“Stay focused while driving, don’t just because you want to get to the driver’s house instead of speeding up the speed of the vehicle so that unwanted things happen,” said the Controller of the Security Post (Pos Pam) H Naman, Kalimalang, Iptu HM Syahril when met in East Jakarta, Tuesday.

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Reporter: Luthfia Miranda Putri
Editor: Ganet Aerospace


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