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Jakarta ( – Various legal incidents colored national news yesterday (26/4), starting from securing the return flow of Eid to the removal of AKBP Achiruddin from office.

Here are five recent legal reports summarized by

1. The National Police Chief orders the ranks to continue to be on standby to oversee the shift in counter-flow

National Police Chief Gen. Pol. Listyo Sigit Prabowo ordered his staff to remain on standby to serve and secure the return flow of Idul Fitri 2023 due to the potential for a shift in the peak flow which is expected to last until Sunday (30/4).

In a statement received in Jakarta, Wednesday, Listyo Sigit asked all of his staff to be alert, both on toll roads and arteries, and to provide the best service to the public.

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2. Head of Public Relations Task Force for Damai Carstensz: The condition of the pilot held by KKB is healthy

Head of Public Relations Unit for Peace Ops Cartenz 2023, Kombes Donny Charles Go, acknowledged that there was a statement from Susi Air pilot from New Zealand Phillip Mark Marten who was held captive by KKB if he was in good health.

It is true that in the circulating video it was revealed that there was a statement from the Susi Air pilot that he was in good health and is currently still with the Armed Criminal Group (KKB) who held him hostage since February 7.

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3. Muhadjir: The number of accidents during going home has dropped dramatically

The Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture (Menko PMK) Muhadjir Effendy said the number of accidents during the 2023 Eid homecoming had dropped dramatically.

“The number of accidents has dropped dramatically, especially those who died and were fatal, from the D-5 to the D-day, which fell by 72 percent.

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4. North Sumatran Police Chief removed AKBP Achiruddin from his post

North Sumatra Regional Police Chief Inspector General of Police RZ Panca Putra Simanjuntak removed Adjunct Senior Commissioner of Police Achiruddin Hasibuan from his position as Head of the Binops Section at the Narcotics Directorate of the North Sumatra Police.

The dismissal was carried out after Achirudin was questioned by the Professional and Security Division (Propam) of the North Sumatra Regional Police for his actions in allowing his son to abuse students. Apart from that, Achiruddin was also sanctioned with a special placement (patsus).

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5. IPW: The actions of the North Sumatra Police to examine AKBP AH were correct

Indonesia Police Watch (IPW) stated that the actions of the North Sumatra Regional Police to investigate AKBP Achiruddin Hasibuan at Propam in the case of allowing his son to abuse a student named Ken Admiral were correct.

“This is an appropriate action, although it is a bit late because it has just gone viral. In fact, the National Police Chief has reminded the ranks not to get viral first and then take action, but even so it is appropriate,” said IPW chairman Sugeng Teguh Santoso when contacted from Medan, Wednesday.

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Herald: Rangga Pandu Asmara Jingga
Editor: Edy M Jacob


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