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Based on the information we have, the group of students and residents of Riau is scheduled to leave for Jakarta today

Pekanbaru ( – The Riau Provincial Government (Pemprov) through the Riau Province Liaison Agency, after coordinating with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Kemenlu), has immediately scheduled the return of 128 students and residents of Riau who were evacuated affected by the conflict in the capital city of Khartoum, Sudan.

“Based on the information we have, the group of students and residents of Riau is scheduled to leave for Jakarta today,” said Head of the Liaison Agency for Riau Province Rido Adriansyah in a release received by, in Pekanbaru, Thursday.

He said the Riau Provincial Government through Assistant I of the Riau Regional Secretariat Masrul Kasmy had also met with the Riau National Amil Zakat Agency (Basnaz) to discuss the mechanism for repatriating the Riau students.

In accordance with the direction of the Governor of Riau Syamsuar, he said, Assistant I of the Riau Regional Secretariat had also coordinated with the Riau Baznas for the return of these students from Jakarta to Pekanbaru.

“Hopefully the process of returning 128 Riau students to Bumi Lancang Kuning later will run smoothly, please pray for the people of Riau,” he said.

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Previously, as many as 128 Riau students who were studying in Sudan had to be evacuated due to the armed conflict crisis that occurred in that country.

The Riau Student Coordinator, as well as the Head of the Riau Sudanese student group (Semari Sudan) Syarif Hidayatullah said that the currently evacuated Riau residents totaled 128 people consisting of 99 boys and 29 girls, including 1 toddler.

He said that Wednesday night (26/4) he and several other Riau student friends who were recorded on the first flight had arrived at Port Sudan International Airport. For the evacuation process for Indonesian citizens, the Indonesian Embassy in Khartoum divided it into two groups, the first group consisting of 75 Riau residents

“Wednesday, they were already in Jeddah and underwent the process at Jeddah Immigration, yesterday they moved from Port Sudan by ship,” said Syarif.

The second flight consists of 53 Riau residents who are currently in Port Sudan, Sawakin area, and are divided into two departure groups and fly to Jeddah.

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