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So far, electricity supply still depends on Java

Denpasar ( – Residents of Sidakarya Traditional Village, Denpasar City, Bali expressed their support for the plan to build an LNG (liquefied natural gas) terminal in the local village area marked by the installation of banners and billboards.

“The installation of these billboards and banners is a concrete manifestation of our support for the governor’s program. With the construction of this LNG terminal, we hope that Bali will become self-sufficient in clean energy,” said Sidakarya Traditional Village Head I Ketut Suka in Denpasar, Wednesday.

I Ketut Suka, accompanied by Perbekel (village head) of Sidakarya I Made Madrayasa, said that his party had put up five billboards and 10 banners placed at several points.

The billboard installation point starts from the village office (1 billboard), on Jalan Bypass Ngurah Rai (3 billboards), to the beach area (1 billboard).

Suka hopes that this support can be heard up to the central government. “Hopefully, through this writing, the aspirations and hopes of these ordinary people will be heard by the leaders. So far, electricity supply has still depended on the island of Java,” he said.

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Regarding the importance of building the LNG terminal, Suka emphasized that this interest was not only for the customary village, but for the wider interests of Bali.

“In the future, from Sidakarya, Bali can be energy independent. We haven’t thought about it benefits what we get if this project is built. That’s a long way back,” he said.

He admitted that previously there had been resistance to the construction of an LNG Terminal in the coastal area from several nearby traditional villages, one of which was the Intaran Traditional Village.

However, after the meeting and harmonization, the Intaran Traditional Village of Sanur also supported. “What is being disputed by the Intaran Traditional Village is that it is said that it will be built in a mangrove area. Otherwise it is not,” he said.

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Headman of Sidakarya Village I Made Madrayasa hopes that what the community hopes for can be heard and realized.

“This is the first step. If there is no response, we are ready to mobilize the community even more so that the central government can hear our hopes. We have also conveyed what we hope to to the Bali Provincial DPRD,” he said.

Madrayasa said the support did not only come from the region. But from five traditional hamlets, including Banjar Dukuh Merta Jati, Banjar Sari, Banjar Tengah, Banjar Sekar Kangin, Banjar Suwung Kangin, and 12 hamlets which strongly support the construction of the LNG Terminal which is a program of the Provincial Government of Bali.

“We have conducted a meeting involving all components of society. The sequence will start from September 18, 2022 until the last meeting on April 23, 2023,” he said.

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Reporter: Ni Luh Rhismawati
Editor: Budhi Santoso


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