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Newcomers must report independently to the Disdukcapil counter in the nearest sub-district

Jakarta ( – Head of the DKI Jakarta Population and Civil Registration Service (Disdukcapil) Budi Awaluddin said the DKI Provincial Government is collecting data for new arrivals in Jakarta without going through a population justice operation but simply using the Population Identification Number (NIK).

“The data collection is not by carrying out a population judicial operation (legal action), but by collecting data on the Population Identification Number,” Budi said in a written statement quoted on Sunday.

Budi said that in the data collection, the Disdukcapil would cooperate with RT/RW administrators and Dasawisma cadres.

Newcomers must report independently to the Disdukcapil counter in the nearest sub-district, said Budi.

“We are together with RT/RW administrators and Dasawisma cadres (PKK) to socialize to residents, if there is a newcomer in the neighborhood, they are required to submit a report to the Dukcapil counter in the village,” explained Budi.

The RT/RW administrators and Dasawisma cadres will directly monitor the presence of migrants. Those who do not report will be warned and asked to immediately go to the sub-district to report themselves.

Disdukcapil DKI Jakarta estimates that new arrivals in Jakarta will increase by 20 to 30 percent after the 2023 Eid return.

“The biggest wave of migration often occurs after Idul Fitri,” said Budi.

Disdukcapil DKI Jakarta is ready to monitor and record new arrivals, both permanent and non-permanent migration.

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