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will continue to carry out supervision alternately at vital objects and tourist attractions

Palu ( –

Personnel from the SAR Search and Rescue Office (Kansar) Palu assist the activities of residents of a number of tourist attractions in Central Sulawesi Province during the Eid Al-Fitr 1444 Hijri holiday.

“Visitors at a number of tourist objects are quite busy. We are monitoring it to guard against the possibility of a bad situation,” said Head of Operations and SAR Subsection Kansar Palu in Palu, Monday.

He stated that the tourist objects monitored by the SAR team were Tanjungkarang Beach, Donggala Regency, Bontolan Banggai Laut Beach, Luwuk Kilo 5 Beach, Lalos Tolitoli Beach, Sail Tomini Parigi Tourism Beach, Trans Sulawesi and Morowali roads with a conducive situation.

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Patrol activities are carried out using SAR weapons Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) And rubber boats or rubber boats, apart from that several personnel are on standby on the beach.

“We hope that visitors will not neglect the rules at each tourist attraction. These rules are applied to maintain the safety of tourists,” he said.

He added, in addition to monitoring tourist objects, special Eid SAR alerts were also carried out at vital objects such as ports, terminals, airports and homecoming routes, which were active until May 3, 2023. Kansar personnel were assisted by other SAR potentials.

“During the alert period, our personnel will continue to carry out surveillance alternately at vital objects and tourist attractions, including active patrols. We are also ready to support the smooth return flow,” said Andi.

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Reporter: Mohamad Ridwan
Editor: Budhi Santoso


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