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Jakarta ( – The Monas Area Manager in Central Jakarta received the assistance of an electric bus from the DKI Jakarta Transportation Agency and PT Transportasi Jakarta (TransJakarta) to facilitate the mobility of visitors inside the National Monument on the second day of Eid, Sunday.

Monas Area Daily Superintendent, Nurhamin said, on the second day of Eid, the DKI Jakarta Transportation Agency provided one TransJakarta bus service for visitors in the Monas Area.

“We see the provision of this TransJakarta bus service facility as a form of DKI Pemprov’s concern for the development of tourism in the Monas area, and also to facilitate the mobility of visitors in the Monas area,” said Nurhamin when met at the tourist attraction.

In addition to facilitating the mobility of visitors, Nurhamin stated, this facility is also a form of education from the DKI Regional Government, especially the DKI Transportation Agency to invite people to use public transportation.

This also takes into account the increase in traffic density to tourist area points in the capital city. One of them is Monas.

For TransJakarta bus routes within the Monas Area, it starts from the Lenggang entrance to several points around the Monas Monument. “So from the entrance, the bus goes around the Monas Monument, then returns to the Lenggang door,” said Nurhamin.

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Nurhamin said, in the future it is not yet known whether the provision of TransJakarta service facilities in the Monas area is permanent or not.

“Essentially the management of the Monas area is grateful to TransJakarta and

DKI Transportation Agency for providing TransJakarta service facilities for Monas visitors,” said Nurhamin.

Apart from that, there are also several tourist trains used in the Monas area.

Currently, there are two tourist trains with three sets and two electric vehicles. However, not all trains are operated because the others are used as backup.

“Today it is not known how many visitors will come to the Monas area,” concluded Nurhamin.

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