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Bandarlampung (Rifyu.com) – The Long Port Authority and Harbor Authority (KSOP) Office said that 101 motorcyclists departed from Panjang Port, Bandarlampung, which was used as an alternative crossing on the 1444 Hijri Eid billions to Ciwandan Port, Banten.

“At the first crossing of the milir flow, for two-wheeled vehicles from Panjang Port there were 101 units of motorbikes transported by the Pelni KM Dobonsolo,” said Head of KSOP Panjang Andi Fiardi, in Bandarlampung, early Sunday.

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He also mentioned that based on ASDP data, the number of passengers boarding the KM Dobonsolo to Java Island was recorded as many as 198 people.

“Yes, we have seen that motorcycle owners who use the Panjang Port are still quiet compared to the first arrival of KM Dobonsolo on the homecoming flow where there were 629 motorcycles,” he said.

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According to him, the small number of two-wheeled vehicles on the first milir flow at Panjang Port could be caused by several factors, one of which is information that has not been thoroughly conveyed to the public.

“So that tomorrow we, with related parties and also the local government, will try to socialize it to the public so they can take advantage of the Panjang Port for crossings to Java Island.

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Moreover, he continued, KM Dobonsolo will serve motorbikes from Panjang Port until Monday (1/4), so it is hoped that with this socialization the capacity of KM Dobonsolo can be maximally fulfilled.

“Earlier, to fulfill the capacity of our ship, we jointly diverted the motor mounts going to Bakauheni and were directed here (Panjang),” he said.

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Meanwhile, the Head of the Lampung Provincial Transportation Service, Bambang Sumbogo, said that at first the flow of two-wheeled vehicles at Panjang Port did look quiet and few.

“On this first day, there are indeed quite a few voters. In addition to the factors mentioned by KSOP, it is also possible that some of them have returned to Java beforehand. On Wednesday (26/4) many have also crossed to Java via Bakauheni,” he said.

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He also hopes that voters who have not yet traveled back to Java Island can take advantage of the Panjang Port as an alternative crossing.

“Especially those from Bandarlampung, Pesawaran, Natar, and so on, you can go to Panjang Port to cross it, but for those heading east, of course we also recommend using Bakauheni Port because it is closer to the location,” he said.

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source: www.antaranews.com

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