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Mobile is a telecommunications tool that cannot be ignored. Especially now that mobile phones are accompanied by a variety of features that make them worthy of being called smartphones. Almost all interests are in one hand, so if the cellphone is lost it becomes a big disaster for the owner. Don’t panic, you can use the following way to track a lost cellphone!

1. Use the Find My Device Feature

Smartphones deserve to be called smart phones because they have a variety of advanced features in them. Handphones with Android and iOS operating systems are now equipped with the Find My Device feature which is useful when your cellphone is lost. The advanced settings that must be made so that you can track your lost cellphone are to use the following easy steps:

  1. Make sure the cellphone is connected to a Google account, location and internet connection.
  2. Don’t forget to activate the application Find MyDevice on the device, open the settings in the Security or Security menu section.
  3. If these two steps have been activated, now you can access the Find My Device feature via another device, be it a cellphone or laptop using a browser.
  4. Visit the Google Find My Device page and log in using the Google account connected to the lost cellphone.
  5. Enter and select Unmute Device, Lock or Wipe. The Delete menu will make the stored data disappear and cannot be used for crime.
  6. If the cellphone is lost at home, then just select the Sound Device menu.

2. Check Active Google Account Email on Mobile

You can do how to track a lost cell phone by email by checking the Google account email used on the cell phone. Login to email using another device, enter the correct password, don’t make a mistake. If it’s wrong, Google will send an email that will fool your cellphone thief and log out later. Then look for Google Apps at the top right, select Find My Device. Select the lost smartphone and enter the associated password and email. Then select Find, a map view will appear providing up-to-date information on the position of the lost cellphone.

3. Check Google Map

Google Maps will create a track record of the places you’ve visited. This is certainly beneficial because you can find a lost cellphone easily. How to track a lost cellphone using Google Maps is as follows:

  1. Open the Google Maps application using another smartphone, PC or laptop.
  2. You will be faced with a tracking time option, choose the time that is closest to the time you are looking for it, or the time when you realize that your cellphone has been lost.
  3. Select the user option as you will be asked to fill in the email address and mobile number where the position will be tracked.
  4. Then select Share and Activate.
  5. After that you will be presented with the position of the lost cellphone and can be tracked easily.

4. Access Android Device Manager

If you are an Android user, you must have an Android Device Manager application which is useful for tracking the position of Android devices. Previously you had to activate the Global Positioning System feature, or GPS on the intended device. To access, follow these steps:

  1. Use another device so you can login to the ADM application via your Google account.
  2. Complete the correct email and password.
  3. Later the name of the cellphone that is connected to your email will appear on the cellphone that has been lost.
  4. You will be presented with information regarding the address where the smartphone was last located.
  5. This will be easy if your cell phone is on.

5. Use IMEI

IMEI is International Mobile Equipment Identity which is the identity number of every mobile device. If you want to track a lost cellphone using IMEI, it will take a lot of effort and high costs. How to track a cellphone with IMEI must involve the authorities and cellular operators. The process is also long, so if the data on the cellphone is not very important, then you can let it go instead of spending a lot of money.

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