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Today, cell phones are a primary need that must be owned by everyone. Especially now that its function is not only to connect communications but also to explore all the information that exists around the world. Apart from that, this one flat object was chosen as a companion to capture every moment of togetherness. You must have at least one cellphone to record every happiness, right?

But even so, cellphones cannot be separated from the risk of losing storage memory. Have you ever experienced it? Losing some photos that could be memories for you to have with your friends, family and closest friends. Luckily if the photo still has recovery storage or it can be said as a second storage space, otherwise if there is no storage, what should be done?

Therefore you must be careful not to experience these unpleasant events. For those of you who continue to experience this incident, there’s no need to panic because this article will review several ways that have proven effective in recovering your data. All you need is an internet connection and adequate storage space.

You don’t need to go to a laptop service place if you experience this unfortunate incident. Besides saving costs, you can also save time. Not to mention the covid 19 pandemic situation which requires us to stay at home to avoid something that is unacceptable. So what should you do if the photos on your cellphone are deleted accidentally or on purpose? Check out the following reviews.

1. Using the Google Photos Application

Maybe all this time you have only used the Google application as a search page for all information, right? The existence of Google in fact makes our lives easier in the current technological era. However, there are many features that we can use. One of them is Google Photos. This application can be one way to restore deleted photos.

Technically, Google Photos is installed automatically on every cell phone you have. But if you don’t find it in the list of installed applications, you can download it in the Play Store for free. Not only is it free, many people have been helped by an application that is fairly powerful in recovering deleted photos without the help of a computer and can be used on many cell phone brands.

This is due to the ability of this Google Photos application which will save photos and videos automatically. For example, if you delete a photo or video, the file will be stored in the trash for 60 days after you activate the backup and sync feature from the Google Photos service.

Now, after having this application, what ways can we take to restore lost storage? You can follow the steps below.

  1. Open the Google Photos app
  2. Press the three lines in the top left corner
  3. Tap the trash icon
  4. Select the photos you want to restore
  5. Tap and hold on the photo for a few moments until a tick appears
  6. Click the circular arrow icon at the top

Usually you don’t have to wait long during the process. This depends on the capabilities of the phone. It is recommended to delete data trash periodically. Trash that accumulates on the cellphone will make the cellphone performance slow. You certainly don’t want your cellphone to be difficult to work with when you’re in a precarious situation, do you?

If you only want to recover one or two photos, it will only take you a few seconds, but if the capacity and size of the document is large, you add a very large number of files, it may take a few minutes to restore them. However, this will not interfere with application performance.

After it’s recovered, it’s a good idea for you to also make storage in several media rooms. For example, you prepare internal or external storage so that you no longer need to worry if you lose the data later.

2. Using the Deleted Photo Recovery Application

Apart from Google Photos, there are other application references that you can try to restore lost photos on your cellphone. This application is called Deleted Photos Recovery. This application has been downloaded more than 60 thousand times on PlayStore. Not only that, this application has many positive testimonials because it provides maximum satisfaction to its users. For that, you don’t need to worry if your photos and videos can’t be recovered properly. you only need to prepare a stable internet connection to download it.

If your cellphone doesn’t have compatibility to download Google Photos, then this application can be the second solution. Because this application is proven to have accurate speed and accuracy in recovering deleted or hidden photos. Apart from that, you don’t need to use a PC or laptop for this rooting process. There are several applications that actually make it difficult for users because they have to download many supporting applications and tools that actually increase time, effort, and costs. Therefore, choose the right application according to your needs.

Check first if this application is compatible with the cellphone you have. Because not all cellphones can work optimally with this application. But if your cellphone isn’t connected properly, you don’t need to worry because there are many applications that can select photos and videos safely and easily. You will find some of them in this article which contains ways to easily and safely restore deleted photos on your cellphone.

3. Using the Dumpster Application

The dumpster application at a glance is similar to cloud storage which is usually available automatically on your cellphone. However, this application has many advantages, one of which is speeding up the recovery of deleted files. After downloading it, dumpster will immediately save your data into the second space. This eases the recovery process if you restore files that you accidentally deleted.

Not only that, this application will protect your cellphone from data theft. Your cell phone security will be highly maintained. Then how do you return the photo? you just open the restore folder then restore the photos you want to restore. This application is usually compatible with all types of smartphone phones.

This is because this application is equipped with a security password if you want to activate it. So you can know what activities are carried out on your cellphone. So you don’t need to be afraid if you lend your cellphone to a friend because you can monitor what he is doing. Especially if there is a data transfer connection, he must enter a security password if you have activated it.

4. Using the DiskDigger Photo Recovery Application

If you have a cellphone with the Vivo brand, then you have to download this application before something you don’t want happens. This application can restore deleted photos on Vivo cellphones. You do this by doing a restore or in other words recovery of deleted photos on the cellphone. Very easy way right? Besides being easy, this application is safe for all types of cellphones so it doesn’t invite many viruses.

It is recommended that you immediately download an application that will automatically protect your data from the risk of being lost or exposed to viruses from other media. Prevention is better than cure right? This application can be a powerful solution in recovering lost data. Not only photos and videos, but also data such as documents, music and so on.

5. Using the DigDeep Image Recovery Application

DigDeep Image Recovery is an application made by world scientists that is able to provide the most up-to-date solutions for those of you who have lost a very large number of photos and videos. Not just one or two, this application can recover hundreds to thousands of data even on your cellphone. So you don’t need to be afraid if your files are lost. So, download this application before something happens that can threaten the security of your photos and videos.

You only need to press the screening section, the application will automatically scan what data was previously lost or deleted from your cellphone. You can download this magical application for free via the play store or other application provider pages that you can find easily.

6. Using the Restore Image Application

There are many ways to restore accidentally deleted photos on your cellphone. However, many people don’t want to do root, which will end up doing a factory reset on the phone. To avoid this incident, you can install the restore image application so you can recover deleted photos without rooting first.

Similar to the applications mentioned above, this application will scan your cellphone to find the photo or video that you want to restore. Good application performance will help you recover your lost data within 30 days.

This is information about how to restore deleted photos on a cellphone. Losing every moment that has been neatly stored and recorded in cellphone storage is indeed one of the problems. Because, there are some people who don’t know how to get around this problem in order to find a solution. Some of the applications above might make your problem easily resolved. To prevent loss, it’s a good idea to make multiple copies to various storage media.

For example, save it on a flash drive, PC, laptop or other storage. You can also save it on Google Drive which can accommodate hundreds of GB of data. Not only photos and videos, you can save several important documents and share them with those closest to you to access them remotely. By storing multiple times on various media, it will minimize data loss.

Don’t forget to clean up the data trash on your cellphone. Even though this is fairly trivial, the accumulated garbage will slow down the performance of the cellphone so that it will cause a lot of problems. One of them is the inability of cellphones to store many documents which will later damage these documents. Because of that, you need a lot of tactics to deal with this.

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