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Jakarta ( – A number of important and interesting events took place in Jakarta on Thursday (27/4), including the arrival of cruisers at the airport and the port began to decrease. Then, Manggarai Station was increasingly crowded with passengers after the Eid holiday.

The following is a summary of the full news that is still interesting to read again:

1. Departures from the Merak ferry port are getting less on D+5

Passenger departures from the Merak Ferry Port, Banten to Bakauheni, Lampung have decreased on D+4 Eid 2023.
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2. Manggarai Station is getting crowded after the 2023 Eid holiday

Manggarai Station, South Jakarta is increasingly crowded with Commuter Line Electric Train (KRL) passengers who want to go to work after the 2023 Eid holiday on Thursday.
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3. A warehouse fire occurred in West Pademangan, an estimated loss of IDR 400 million

The fire engulfed a resident’s housing unit which was used as a bamboo storage shed behind SMA Negeri 40 Jakarta, Jalan Budi Mulia 8, Pademangan Barat Village, Pademangan, North Jakarta, Thursday night, with an estimated loss of IDR 400 million.
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4. DLH DKI will build an RDF plant in Rorotan next year

The DKI Jakarta Environment Agency (DLH) will build n refuse-derived fuel (RDF) plant waste segregation and treatment plants in Rorotan, North Jakarta in 2024.
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5. 16,000 return travelers arrived at Pasar Senen Station on D+5 of Eid

As many as 16,000 return travelers or pemilir arrived at Pasar Senen station, Thursday (27/4), a decrease compared to the previous day which reached 16,300 people.
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Herald: Mentari Dwi Gayati
Editor: Sri Muryono


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