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During major holidays BPTD will operate large ships

Lampung Selatan ( – Corporate Secretary of PT ASDP Indonesia Ferry (Persero) Shelvy Arifin appealed to travelers returning from the ferry service at Bakauheni Port to enter the port area two hours before departure.

“Actually, what you have to pay attention to is the time, sometimes service users buy tickets long before the hour. The tickets purchased are tickets at the time of entry to the port. If friends buy tickets at 5, friends should have entered 2 hours earlier,” said Shelvy Arifin, in Bakauheni, Monday.

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He also asked users of the Bakauheni Port crossing service to arrive at the location earlier than the departure time.

“If you arrive too early, the waiting time will be long. And there are times when the lines are very long,” he said.

He also said, if there were passengers on the ship whose tickets were forfeited due to waiting too long in line, then there was a special policy from the ASDP.

“For ticket burnt, we first look at the conditions on the ground for the return flow, we’ll look at the dynamics on the ground. Like the homecoming flow, we also have policies or conditions on the ground. We’ll see how things are,” he said.

He said the availability of tickets depended on the ships operated by the Land Transportation Management Agency (BPTD).

“During big holidays, the BPTD will operate large ships, the passenger capacity will also increase, tickets will also be added, the queues for travelers will also be long,” he said.

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Reporter: Riadi Gunawan
Editor: Ahmad Wijaya


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