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Pontianak ( – Academician from Tanjungpura University (Untan) Pontianak, Dr. Netty Herawati assesses that the 2024 Election is a momentum to carry out effective political communication and education in increasing understanding and awareness as well as quality political participation for the community.

“Actually, ahead of the election, this is the most meaningful momentum for election participants to carry out effective communication while providing education to increase understanding and awareness as well as quality political participation for the community,” he said in Pontianak, Sunday.

He said this was due to the high political tension and public attention to be involved and participate in determining the nation’s future through national leadership which is cultivated and determined by the performance of political parties that will participate in and offer national leadership through elections.

“However, as we have observed together, of course it is good through the media mainstream and media on line which is busy highlighting the process of determining the president and vice president (wapres) as well as how political parties work together to build coalitions to win the presidential candidate they carry, various maneuvers carried out by elites who are rather concerned about providing political education and teaching political ethics to the people,” he said.

This lecturer at the Untan Faculty of Social and Political Sciences said that forming coalitions and getting involved in determining presidential candidates did not provide adequate political education for the community because he had not heard what the visions and missions of political parties for Indonesia in the future were to consider how they would build coalitions based on common goals. to advance the nation.

“So that if the coalition that is built is solely targeted to win the presidential candidate, not about national leadership to move the nation forward, it is not impossible that business or economic interests will come into play and determine the electoral political process behind the scenes,” he said.

According to him, political parties must carry out their roles and functions to advance the nation through their political roles and be oriented towards being responsible for creating a just and prosperous prosperous country, not merely being oriented to power and protecting the interests of their group.

“By carrying out civilized and ethical political practices, this political party indirectly educates and shapes people’s behavior to participate in a quality way,” said Netty.

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