Two Amfoang residents in NTT were swept away by the floods, one was found safe –

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Kupang ( – Two brothers and sisters from Bitobe Village, Amfoang Tengah District, Kupang Regency, East Nusa Tenggara Province, were swept away by a flood in the Bikau Saijan River, resulting in one death and one being found safe.

“Heavy rains that occurred for two days flushed the Amfoang Tengah Sub-District area causing flooding in the Bikau Saijan River. Two brothers who tried to cross across the Bikau Saijan River were swept away by the flood currents on Sunday (19/3) afternoon,” said Central Amfoang Sub-District Head Marsyuner Prayudin Bureni when contacted from Kupang, Monday.

He said the two residents who were swept away by the flood waters of the Bikau Saijan river were Mekodorce Merciana Sobeukum (12) and her brother named Pauf Bayatris Permatasari Sobeukum (16).

The two brothers were swept away by the flood while crossing the Bikau Saijan river after returning from the garden to Bitobe Village, which is across the river.

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“The two victims seemed to be desperate to cross the river which was still in a flooded condition due to high rainfall in Amfoang. The two victims were desperate to cross but were dragged down by a fairly heavy flood current,” said Central Amfoang sub-district head Marsyuner Prayudin Bureni.

Residents of Bitobe Village who were aware of the incident immediately searched the Bikau Saijan river and managed to find the victim Mekodorce Merciana Sobeukum (12).

The victim Mekodorce Merciana Sobeukum was found by residents in a dead condition.

“The residents immediately evacuated the victim to the victim’s parents’ house in Bitobe Village,” said Central Amfoang sub-district head Marsyuner Prayudin Bureni.

Meanwhile, other residents together with the Police and TNI officers as well as the Central Amfoang District Government and the Bitobe Village government continued to search for Pauf Bayatris Permatasari Sobeukum (16) and found the victim in a safe condition about 20 meters from the location of the victim Mekodorce Merciana Sobeukum with her condition sandwiched between rocks.

According to the Head of Central Amfoang Sub-District, Marsyuner Prayudin Bureni, due to serious injuries, Pauf Bayatris Permatasari Sobeukum (16) was evacuated to Kupang City to be treated at Prof. Hospital. Dr. WZJohanis Kupang.

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