The Sukabumi Police are hunting for the two attackers, the head of the Brigez motorcycle gang –

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Sukabumi, West Java ( – Personnel from the Sukabumi Police Criminal Investigation Unit (Satreskrim) are hunting for two suspected perpetrators of the attack and stabbing of a young man who is the head of the Brigez motorcycle gang in Sukabumi, West Java.

“We have formed a team to hunt down the two perpetrators who stabbed the victim. It is hoped that the suspects will be arrested in the near future,” said Head of Criminal Investigation Unit of the Sukabumi Police AKP Dian Purnomo in Sukabumi, Monday.

According to information gathered from a number of parties, the stabbing carried out by two suspected perpetrators, one of whom is a recidivist who was recently released from the Warungkiara Prison, Sukabumi Regency, took place on Sunday (19/3) afternoon.

This case began with a chase using a motorbike in which the victim with the initials JS and several of his colleagues were chased by the perpetrators from the Palabuhanratu District to Sukabumi.

However, when on Jalan Raya Bantargadung, Kampung Cijambe, Village/District of Bantargadung, Sukabumi Regency, the victim fell and was immediately approached by the two perpetrators who unceremoniously swung their sharp weapons at the victim’s face.

As a result of the slash of the sharp weapon, the victim suffered a laceration to the temple, and even threatened to go blind in the left eye. After assaulting JS, the two suspects immediately ran away.

Residents who saw the incident immediately provided assistance and evacuated the victim to Palabuhanratu Hospital. However, because the wound was quite severe in the left eye, JS was referred to RSUD R Syamsudin SH, Sukabumi City.

“We have received information about the characteristics of the two alleged perpetrators, but we are still investigating information that says one of the suspects is a recidivist,” he added.

Contacted separately, the Advisory Council of the Sukabumi Brigez Ormas Bayu Nugraha, also known as Kang Sabay, said that his party reported this incident to the Sukabumi Police and continued to coordinate with the police so that the perpetrators were caught immediately.

He mentioned that his colleague’s condition was gradually recovering and he could be invited to chat. However, what is worrying is that JS is threatened with permanent blindness in the left eye due to the stab of the perpetrator’s sharp weapon.

He continued, from the information provided by the victim, one of the perpetrators of the attack was a member of a motorcycle gang in Sukabumi who had recently been released from the Warungkiara Prison with the initials De.

“We fully surrender this case to the police to immediately arrest the suspects,” he pleaded.

On the other hand, he said the victim was the son of a retired Indonesian National Police whose last position was Kapolsek. In fact, the victim’s older brother is also an active member of the National Police on duty in Jakarta.

Kang Sabay has also appealed to his colleagues at Ormas Brigez to hand over and entrust this case to the police and not to take revenge or take the law into their own hands.

Reporter: Aditia Aulia Rohman
Editor: Agus Setiawan


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