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Yogyakarta ( – President of the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) Ary da Silva Graca Filho said he was amazed and amazed by the high interest in volleyball fans in Indonesia and was optimistic about the future of the Red and White team.

“Yesterday and today I watched the Proliga final at the invitation of the Indonesian federation (PBVSI) and saw how high the enthusiasm of the spectators was. All the way to the stadium was full of volleyball fans,” said Ary Graca in a press conference on the sidelines of the PLN Mobile Proliga 2023 final at the Amongrogo Sports Hall. Yogyakarta, Sunday evening.

He considered the quality of volleyball competition in Indonesia to be quite good, including the presence of world-class foreign players, both the women’s and men’s divisions.

However, continued Ary Graca, the Proliga competition schedule is quite short, only three months and the number of participating teams is also not large, especially in the women’s sector, which only has six teams. While in the sector there are eight participating teams.

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“If possible the number of teams can be more so that the competition will also last longer. That will be very good for future player development,” said Ary Graca who on that occasion was accompanied by the President of the Asian Volleyball Confederation (AVC) Rita Subowo.

The FIVB president did not mention the ideal number of teams participating in volleyball competitions because it really depends on the conditions of a country. “It could be ten or more each, depending. The more the better for player development and the future of the national team,” he added.

He added that FIVB is ready to help develop Indonesian volleyball so that it can compete on the international stage, not only in the Southeast Asian region.

“Indonesia has won many medals in Southeast Asia, it must be able to rise to the international level, Asian championships, the world to the Olympics,” said Ary Graca.

Chairman of the Central Board of the Indonesian Volleyball Association (PBVSI) Imam Sudjarwo who was also present at the press conference expressed his gratitude for the attention and input from the President of FIVB in improving Indonesia’s volleyball achievements so that they can compete at a higher level.

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“Our goal is for Indonesian volleyball to appear in the Olympics. Of course, good and tiered development is needed, including the competition,” he said.

Regarding the Proliga competition, Imam gave a leak that next season’s competition plans to add two new teams in the women’s sector so that the number of participants will be eight teams, the same as participants in the men’s sector.

“As for the competition schedule this season, which is only three months short, it is due to the ramadhan month. After that, there will be the SEA Games in May, then the Asian Championships in August,” he explained.

The 2023 Proliga competition ended Sunday (19/3) evening by placing the Bandung bjb Tandamata women’s team and Jakarta LavAni Allo Bank men’s team as the champions. Both teams were the previous season’s Proliga champions, aka the defending champions.

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Reporter: Didik Kusbiantoro
Editor: Teguh Handoko


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