The East Kalimantan Provincial Government has achieved the best in controlling COVID-19 in Kalimantan –

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this award is a testament to strength and synergy

Samarinda ( – The Provincial Government of East Kalimantan won the first best award in the category of controlling the COVID-19 pandemic for the Kalimantan region in the 2023 Implementation of Restrictions on Community Activities (PPKM) award.

Deputy Governor of East Kalimantan, Hadi Mulyadi expressed his gratitude for this award and thanked all parties who care and have worked hard in efforts to prevent the spread of the Corona virus in the East Kalimantan region.

“This award is proof of strength and synergy as well as high concern for handling COVID-19 in the regions,” said Hadi Mulyadi in an official statement received in Samarinda, Monday.

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Deputy Governor Hadi Mulyadi received the national award directly in Jakarta. He revealed that this achievement could not be separated from the efforts and hard work of the Provincial and Regency/City Task Force for the Acceleration of Handling COVID-19 in an effort to reduce the transmission of the corona virus.

This includes informing the public of updated development data via video conferencing, as well as implementing health protocol recommendations throughout the East Kalimantan region.

“We do refocusing priority budget for health and economic recovery. Allocating a budget to help MSME actors, artists, tourism actors and underprivileged residents during the pandemic,” he explained.

Apart from that, through Governor Isran Noor’s policy, he also allocated a budget for heirs and orphans whose parents died as a result of the pandemic.

“Initially the center budgeted but was abolished. However, East Kalimantan still took the initiative to provide assistance, although it was not large. For heirs, Rp. 10 million and orphans, Rp. 2 million per person,” he said.

This includes providing guarantees for orphans due to the COVID-19 pandemic to get scholarships and applying to live in orphanages so that they can live a more decent life in order to guarantee the future of children affected by the corona outbreak.

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