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The Director General of General Legal Administration (Dirjen AHU) of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights (Kemenkumham) Cahyo R. Muzhar hopes that ASEAN can go one step further in supporting efforts to have a binding extradition treaty for all member countries.

“It is hoped that ASEAN will go one step further in supporting the region’s efforts to have an extradition treaty that binds all ASEAN member countries,” Cahyo said in a written statement received in Jakarta, Friday.

He explained that this was in line with the commitment made by the leaders of ASEAN member countries at the “ASEAN Concord Declaration” event in Bali in 1976.

Cahyo, who also serves as the ASEAN Senior Law Officials Meeting (ASLOM) Leader for Indonesia, added that with the existence of an extradition treaty, ASEAN has shown a strong commitment to work together with the international community in tackling and eradicating transnational crimes.

He emphasized that eradicating transnational crime is also of great importance in supporting the realization of a safe, stable and prosperous ASEAN region.

“Eradicating transnational crime is very important in supporting the realization of a safe, stable and prosperous ASEAN region,” he added.

Next, he said that during the opportunity to host and chair the negotiations for The 4th ASLOM Working Group (WG) Meeting on the ASEAN Extradition Treaty (AET), Indonesia also took steps to encourage the presence of an ASEAN extradition treaty.

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The meeting in Denpasar, Bali, on March 13-15 2023 discussed and negotiated an ASEAN extradition treaty.

The agreement is expected to strengthen law enforcement cooperation among ASEAN member countries in eradicating crimes, especially transnational crimes.

“The Ministry of Law and Human Rights is focal points (focal point) in this ASEAN Senior Law Officials Meeting,” he explained.

Cahyo added that the establishment of the ASLOM Working Group on ASEAN Extradition Treaty was a mandate from the meeting of ministers in the field of ASEAN law with ASLOM.

“In the fourth WG on AET meeting, we have successfully completed it first reading. This is an important capital to be able to complete AET according to the set target,” he said.​​​​​​​​

Cahyo then expressed his gratitude to all parties who supported the smooth implementation of The 4th ASLOM WG on AET activities, such as delegates from ASEAN member countries, the ASEAN Secretariat, representatives of ministries and non-ministerial government agencies (K/L) Indonesian delegates, as well as Regional Offices Kemenkumham Bali.

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