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Jakarta ( – Men’s doubles Hendra Setiawan/Mohammad Ahsan frankly stated that the main cause of their defeat to the pair Fajar Alfian/Muhammad Rian Ardianto in the 2023 All England final was due to fatigue.

“Frankly, from a physical perspective, we are tired. We cannot return to our condition after undergoing yesterday’s quarter-final and semi-final matches,” said Hendra in PP PBSI’s official information in Jakarta, Monday.

The pair nicknamed The Daddies failed to lift the trophy for the third time from the All England after being defeated by their juniors in two straight games 17-21, 14-21 in a match that took place at Utilita Arena Birmingham, England, Sunday evening local time.

According to Hendra, Fajar/Rian also appeared optimal and difficult to beat. The combination of energy and good playing techniques forced Hendra/Ahsan to acknowledge the superiority of the world number one pair.

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“But today Fajar/Rian played well, didn’t die easily and really safe. We can’t maximize. Congratulations to Fajar/Rian, I hope this can be a provision for them going forward,” Hendra said.

The Daddies’ struggle in the BWF Super 1000 category badminton event unfortunately also ended in misfortune. The reason is, Ahsan actually suffered a serious injury towards the end of the match.

Moment match point 14-20, Ahsan gets injured from a return that forces his body to twist sideways as a dodging reflex shuttlecock. As a result of this movement, Ahsan’s left knee was injured which forced him off the field and asked for treatment from the medical team.

“I don’t know how bad Ahsan’s injury is, earlier trying to bend his left knee did hurt a bit. But we decided to continue first because we already have 20 points too. If retired“Given up when there is only one point left, it doesn’t feel good,” said Hendra.

Even though they once again had to be satisfied with being finalists at the All England like last year’s edition when they met Bagas Maulana/Muhammad Shohibul Fikri, The Daddies considered that this achievement was optimal considering they were approaching 40 years of age.

“We didn’t expect to be back in the final. We are grateful that even though we lost in the final, we can still give resistance to young players,” concluded Hendra.

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Reporter: Roy Rosa Bachtiar
Editor: Teguh Handoko


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