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Medan ( – Satpolairud personnel from the Asahan Police inspect a ship that does not have complete documents while sailing in the waters under the jurisdiction of the Asahan Police, North Sumatra.

Officers patrol using KP. II Non Type lego anchors in Bagan Asahan waters, to carry out supervisory and inspection duties on ships suspected of carrying illegal goods in/out through Asahan waters.

“The patrol was carried out by Aiptu Haryanto together with Aipda M Zulridho Nasution,” said Head of Polairud Polres Asahan Ipda Mat Solekan, Thursday.

Solekan said the KP.II Non Type Patrol Boat inspected ships coming from the sea to Asahan waters.

Furthermore, an inspection of the ship without an account number (traditional fisherman) and captained by Hasanuddin was carried out without incomplete ship documents, and the number of crew members was 2 people.

“The fiber boat’s cargo contains water, ice and found no illegal or unlawful items. The skipper was given a warning as well as an appeal and direction,” he said.

He said the personnel directly gave advice to ship owners in fishing in Indonesian waters or the Republic of Indonesia’s Fisheries Management Area (WPPNRI-571 Malacca Strait).

Don’t cross the line and if you don’t use GPS, it is hoped that you will see the situation of crossing cargo ships so that fishermen understand the boundaries of the area and to all ship crew members when resting, please take turns and always check the tides and wind direction.

“Become a partner of the National Police in maintaining the security and order situation by providing information if anyone knows of violations or crimes (crimes) such as ballpresses, drugs and illegal PMI (Indonesian Migrant Work) who go in or out by way of boarding ships in Asahan waters,” he said .

Kasat Polairud also advised that let’s jointly guard the Asahan Waters’ Public Security System to keep it safe and not be easily provoked and provoked by Hoax news, which in nature can pit fishermen against each other.

“If you go to sea, be careful and bring safety equipment such as life vests, life jackets or other flotation devices,” said Solekan.

Reporter: Munawar Mandailing
Editor: Agus Setiawan


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