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Very sufficient safety equipment. Safety equipment such as safety jackets for adults and children have been tested yesterday and everything has been recorded,

Batam ( – PT Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia (Pelni) Batam Branch, Riau Archipelago, ensured that the safety equipment on the KM Kelud ship was in a safe condition for shipping during the 1444 Hijriah Eid homecoming.

The captain of the ship, KM Kelud Charles R, said that in relation to this safety device, the Directorate of Sea Transportation had conducted a sampling test (checking safety equipment) four times before entering the fasting month.

“Safety tools are very sufficient. Safety equipment such as safety jackets for adults and children were tested yesterday and everything has been recorded,” he said in Batam, Riau Islands, Wednesday.

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He explained that the emergency ship was also on the KM Kelud ship. There are 12 medium-sized lifeboats with a capacity of 60 people, 10 large-sized lifeboats with a capacity of 150 people, and 106 capsule ships with a capacity of 25 people.

“For capsule ships, usually during the homecoming flow, the number will be added,” he said.

In addition, his party has also conducted safety training for all officers on board so that they are ready if unwanted things occur.

“We always do training, and I always say this is just practice, hopefully it doesn’t become a reality,” he said.

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He said the Batam branch of Pelni had also proposed an additional passenger capacity of 567 to the Ministry of Sea Transportation for KM Kelud on the Batam-Belawan route to anticipate a surge in passengers during homecoming.

“What we are proposing is an additional 567 people during the homecoming flow later to the Ministry of Transportation, but that is just a submission, the final one will be from the Ministry, it could be reduced or increased, the decision is from them,” he said.

He emphasized that this number is certain to still be safe for sailing because, referring to 2 years ago (before the COVID-19 pandemic), additional passengers could reach 30 percent of normal capacity.

“Still safe, very safe. Compared to two years ago, the addition could reach 30 percent from 2,607 passengers,” he said.

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