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Jakarta ( – The Executive Director of the Institute for Peace and Security Studies (IPSS) Sri Yunanto believes that the handling of terror acts that occurred in Papua must be carried out with a counter-terrorism approach so that it is in line with law enforcement.

“The handling of terror acts (necessarily) uses a counter-terrorism approach because (in it) there are elements prevention, mitigation, and operations. So the approach taken must of course be in line with law enforcement,” Yunanto said in Jakarta, Tuesday.

He said this was related to terror carried out by the Papuan Armed Criminal Group (KKB), for example, the pilot hostage taking that occurred in Nduga Regency, Papua.

Yunanto assessed that the terror attacks carried out by the KKB were asymmetrical, that is, there was always an imbalance between terror groups and the state. According to him, terror groups feel weaker than the state, so they carry out acts of terror such as sabotage, bombings, hostage-taking or kidnappings.

He explained that the handling of hostages was not singular and could not be discussed openly.

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Because of that, Yunanto assessed that in handling hostage-taking cases, there are two priorities, namely the safety of the hostages and that the perpetrators can be handled in accordance with applicable law.

“The act of taking hostages was not an ordinary crime. In the case of the KKB, it was carried out by an armed group, so it needs special handling. The acts of terror carried out by the KKB have even developed from terrorism to rebellion,” he said.

In addition, he said that the implementation of Law number 2 of 2021 concerning Papua’s Special Autonomy (Otsus) aims to give privileges to the Papua Province.

According to him, special autonomy is also expected to be able to overcome past trauma as a trigger for acts of violence or terrorism. There is even a political approach by giving the Papuan people the freedom to be able to form local parties.

He also highlighted the need for good oversight of the special autonomy that has been given to Papua.

“The supervision that should be carried out should also regulate how to prevent the funds that have been given so that they are not misused by regional leaders or heads in Papua,” he said.

Yunanto explained that his research revealed the fact that part of the Papua special autonomy funds were used to buy weapons for the KKB group.

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“If there are indications that the funds were misused, handling must be immediately carried out in the form of legal action, so that the funds cannot go anywhere. This is also done so that there is a deterrent effect so that other parties who want to try to misappropriate funds, think a thousand times,” he said.

He considered that the government needed to act quickly in dealing with any terror group in accordance with the applicable law so as not to be impressed powerless. According to him, the flow of funds to the autonomous region must also be monitored systematically so that only certain groups will not use it.

“The system must be able to monitor all regions, including Papua, because the purpose of the (autonomy) funds within the autonomy framework is for the welfare of the people. These funds must really reach the people who need them, who need them, and the programs or projects that are planned,” he said.

Reporter: Imam Budilaksono
Editor: Chandra Hamdani Noor


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