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The National Police’s Corruption Prevention Task Force will continue to oversee government programs that support national economic growth

Jakarta ( – Deputy Chief of the Special Task Force (Satgassus) for Corruption Prevention of the National Police Novel Baswedan revealed the negative side of the trade in imported used clothes, shoes and bags, so law enforcement is necessary.

“The import of used goods, in this case textile products, violates the law (illegal),” he said in a written statement received in Jakarta, Friday.

According to Novel, on the other negative side, if this practice is not prosecuted, it will become a corrupt practice that is detrimental to the state and society.

Not only that, other threats are diseases brought from used clothes or textiles which are dangerous to public health.

“The large number of illegal imports of used clothing or textile products will disrupt domestic textile production, which will ultimately harm society and the interests of the state,” he said.

The former KPK senior investigator said efforts to crack down on and destroy used imported clothes or textiles needed to be carried out consistently, so as not to further harm the community and the state.

Therefore, he continued, the support of all parties, both central and regional government officials, law enforcers and the community is very important to uphold the law and protect the interests of society and the state.

“The Police Corruption Prevention Task Force will continue to oversee government programs that support national economic growth,” said Novel.

The National Police’s Corruption Prevention Task Force team directly accompanied Minister of Trade Zulkifli Hasan in exposing and destroying goods resulting from surveillance of used clothing, used bags and imported used shoes at the Type A Terminal of Bandar Raya Payung Sekaki Pekanbaru, Riau, Friday.

730 bales of imported used clothes, shoes and bags valued at approximately IDR 10 billion were destroyed.

Member of the Indonesian Police’s Corruption Prevention Task Force, Yudi Purnomo, added that previously his party had cooperated with the Ministry of Trade in the case of destroying illegal steel that did not comply with SNI standards.

According to Yudi, the Task Force’s activities are one of the direct tasks of the National Police Chief so that the National Police can contribute to overseeing government programs that have positive value for national economic growth which is currently growing.

“Moreover, previously President Joko Widodo ordered to take firm action against the illegal import of used clothing because it disrupted the national textile industry,” he said.

The former chairman of the Corruption Eradication Commission for Corruption Eradication Commission added that going forward the National Police Corruption Prevention Task Force will continue to oversee the enforcement of regulations by the Ministry of Trade and activities in other ministries in the sectors of state revenue, social assistance, energy and food security.

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Reporter: Laily Rahmawaty
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