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Yogyakarta ( – The Research and Development Center for Geological Disaster Technology (BPPTKG) said that Mount Merapi on the border of Central Java and the Special Region of Yogyakarta on Saturday (18/3) issued 17 incandescent lava avalanches with a sliding distance of 1,500 meters.

BPPTKG Head Agus Budi Santoso in his official statement in Yogyakarta, explained that based on observations from 00.00 WIB to 06.00 WIB, the incandescent lava was sliding towards the southwest or Bebeng River.

“We observed 17 incandescent lava avalanches with a maximum sliding distance of 1,500 meters to the southwest or Bebeng River,” he said.

During the observation period, according to the BPPTKG, Mount Merapi also experienced 37 earthquakes with an amplitude of 3-38 mm for 19.1-152.8 seconds, four multiple-phase earthquakes with an amplitude of 3-4 mm for 6.2-9.1 seconds, one shallow volcanic earthquake. with an amplitude of 31 mm for 8.9 seconds, and deep tectonic earthquakes with an amplitude of 9 mm for 19.8 seconds.

The weak pressure crater smoke above the peak of Merapi was observed to be white with moderate intensity and a height of 75-150 meters above the crater peak.

During the observation period on Friday (17/3) at 18.00-24.00 WIB, Mount Merapi was recorded to have launched hot clouds twice with a maximum sliding distance of 1,300 meters to the southwest.

Apart from that, lava avalanches were also monitored 23 times with a sliding distance of 1,800 meters to the southwest.

BPPTKG still maintains Standby or Level III status which was established since November 2020.

The potential danger at this time is in the form of lava avalanches and hot clouds, namely Woro River 3 km from the summit, Gendol River 5 km from the summit.

Apart from that, the potential for danger is also in Boyong River, 5 km from the summit, as well as Bedog, Krasak, Bebeng Rivers, 7 km from the summit.

Meanwhile, the ejection of volcanic material in the event of an explosive eruption can reach a radius of 3 km from the summit.

BPPTKG also appealed to the public to be aware of the danger of lava in the river channel with the upstream of Merapi, especially when it rains on the top of the mountain.

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Reporter: Luqman Hakim
Editor: Nurul Hayat


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