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Message from the Heart Released on March 27 2023, Sambur Ramadhan Drama by Grab, OVO and Viu – Seeing the great enthusiasm of the public with last year’s drama series ‘Stories About Belief’, this year Grab, OVO and Viu are introducing ‘Pesaman dari Hati’, a six-episode drama series that will be released at the start of Ramadan. This drama series aims to invite people to share and build trust amidst conditions filled with various uncertainties.

The drama series ‘Message from the Heart’ presents the story of Melati, a young child who grows up to face various challenges and mold her into a persistent and strong person, and turn these difficulties into opportunities to share with those around her. ‘Message from the Heart’ will be available starting March 27 2023 and can be watched exclusively on Viu, and features a number of top Indonesian actors, Putri Ayudya and Aleyra Fakhira directed by Hafiz Ibrahim.

Message from the Heart Released on March 27 2023, New Drama by Grab, OVO and Viu

“I am happy to be able to represent the character of a female fighter in Indonesia in this drama. But actually the character Melati is not only a female representative. She represents the Indonesian people who like to work hard, have big dreams and big efforts. Our society also has Indonesian culture. , that is, a collective culture, where many come together, work together, plant together, and reap together.”

“I can’t be a spoiler. But I believe in acting. I chose acting since 2018. I feel that acting has always saved me. Maybe this is the best way to explain it. There are stories from characters that I have actually experienced before. And it turns out I get a solution or strength from the character I play. I have a loss like Melati. Because of that I find a new way or a new strength to deal with this feeling with Melati. I can find something different from myself that Putri has to move on from this feeling,” said Putri Ayudya.

According to the director, the drama Message from the Heart This Message can entertain and remind viewers to return to sharing with others during Ramadan. Hopefully this drama can inspire all viewers, especially at the time of Ramadan

“Viu is very pleased to be collaborating with Grab and OVO and to be part of the ‘Message from the Heart’ story. At Viu, we always try to find ways to bring happiness to those around us and we are grateful to have the opportunity to work with Grab and OVO in strengthening the spirit of #PesanUntukBerbagi.”

“Through the story ‘Message from the Heart’, we are embracing the spirit of compassion and generosity that makes Ramadan so meaningful and encourages more people to open their hearts and share happiness with others,” said Avijit Dutta, Deputy Country Manager – Indonesia, Viu.

“Through this ‘Message from the Heart’ story, we want to continue to invite many people to participate in sharing goodness and making a positive impact in the lives of others, no matter how small the action is. We translate the spirit of sharing that usually echoes during the holy month through the #MessageForSharing campaign, as part of the Trust campaign that Grab and OVO have been running since 2022.”

“We hope that the audience can feel a connection with the character portraits of Indonesian society depicted through this series and encourage them to share stories about experiences about persistence, struggles in facing various challenges,” said Melinda Savitri, Country Marketing Head, Grab Indonesia.

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