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Jakarta ( – The Coordinating Ministry for Human Development and Culture (Kemenko PMK) put forward four aspects that can influence the formation of children’s character.

“In this digital era, the formation of children’s character is influenced by four aspects,” said Deputy for Coordinating Education Quality Improvement and Religious Moderation of the Coordinating Ministry for PMK Warsito in Jakarta, Monday.

He mentioned the four aspects namely the school environment, family environment, community environment, and virtual or digital world environment.

“If previously character education for children could be formed through schools, families and the community environment, then in this era there is also a virtual world environment,” he said.

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Warsito said these four aspects must be the concern of all parties in order to support children’s character education.

“Even the aspects of the virtual world or digital world need more attention considering that children currently spend a lot of time accessing the internet and have easy access to various information in cyberspace,” he said.

Warsito added, the role of teachers and parents is also an important aspect to support the formation of children’s character so that they grow into individuals who have noble character.

“Teachers, parents, and families to community leaders are very important to work together to care about the formation of children’s character,” he said.

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For this reason, he said, Kemenko PMK encourages several important efforts that can be made to shape children’s character.

“In addition to education in the family, community leaders and religious leaders in the surrounding environment must also be involved in character education,” he said.

Apart from that, he said, assistance when children access the internet is also something that needs to be of mutual concern.

“Psychological assistance for children at school by experts is also important. So that children can grow into psychologically prosperous individuals,” he said.

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Meanwhile, the Acting Deputy for Coordination of Quality Improvement for Children, Women and Youth of the Coordinating Ministry for PMK Didik Suhardi added that collaboration is an important key in strengthening character education for children or students.

“Collaboration between schools, families and the community environment is an important key in instilling character values ​​in children or students,” he said.

Reporter: Wuryanti Puspitasari
Editor: Bambang Sutopo Hadi


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