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In this area we also present the IDX Investment Gallery which is run by the People’s Stock Warung

Jambi ( –

The Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) presented a public financial literacy area in Jambi City, Jambi Province as an effort to increase public understanding of the capital market.

The Head of the Jambi Province IDX Representative Fasha Fauziah in Jambi said Thursday that the IDX chose the Pematang Sulur Village, Telanapura District, Jambi City as a public stock financial literacy area in the form of People’s Stock Warung.

“In this area we also present the IDX Investment Gallery which is run by the People’s Stock Warung,” he said.

Fasha explained that the location was the first sub-district in Indonesia to become a public financial literacy area.

In this area of ​​public financial literacy, people can exchange household waste into shares.

This effort, he said, is also in line with the environmental program carried out by the Jambi City Government, namely Kampung Bantar.

Apart from cleaning the environment, this area of ​​public financial literacy also enhances the stock’s image.

“It’s expensive to lose the image of stocks because waste can be stocks, investing in long-term assets, besides that it also reduces fraudulent investments, illegal online loans that are rife in society,” he said.

Furthermore, the IDX together with the waste bank provided education regarding waste management and the mechanism for converting waste into shares.

Meanwhile, Deputy Mayor of Jambi City Maulana said the People’s Stock Warung Program in collaboration with the waste bank provides two benefits at once.

The first is related to handling household waste and the second is related to improving the people’s economy.

“How can waste be separated, sorted and then exchanged into shares. The price of the shares will increase again so that the profit will double and it is an investment,” he said.

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