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Welcome to IT People Blog. I don’t know whether you will be interested or not getting DA 80 backlinks from the subdomain service and maybe there are already many out there who share methods of planting backlinks on quickly and easily

When surfing on Shopee, I see backlink services from Google subdomain sites (Google products) which are relatively cheap, under Rp. 1,000,000’s

In their promotions, service providers tout that backlinks originating from Google subdomains are of high quality and of course very good for SEO purposes.

Apart from Google search, here are some other Google products that you need to know about;

Google news, google earth, google drive, google docs, google form, google images, google cast, google chat, google fit, google maps, google meet, google play, google one, google store, google callendar, google podcast, google pixel , google lens, google slide, google waze, google travel, google nest wifi, google cloud, google manufacture center, google digital garage, google business, google workspace, google tag manager, google flutter, google web, google tesor flow, google lookerstudio etc

After knowing the list of Google products / services, you want to build backlinks on every Google service to increase the strength of the site from an SEO perspective

To build backlinks, of course you have to know how to plant backlinks on each Google service, one of which is

In the following, I present a guide to getting backlinks from

1. Make sure you have logged into your Google account

2. Visit the site Helmykediri’s performance

3. After that click the down button and select make a copy like the picture below

how to make google backlinks

4. Select the location of the country of Indonesia and the company name filled with your blog brand

** If an unsupported country notification appears, please change to another country

how to plant google backlinks

5. Delete all data elements and create your own data, in the menu section please click Add Data then connect with any service associated with your account such as google search console, google analytics, or just upload an excel table

** Here I am connecting with the Google Analytics product associated with the blog

** If you can’t edit and so on, first click the share button and then click the button again Make a Copy

how to create google backlinks

6. After connecting with Google Analytics products, the choice of element data will appear on the scroll down on the right, to add it to an entry, simply drag and down

To add text that will be inserted by hyperlinks/backlinks, just click on the text icon and in the text style settings, scroll down until you find insert links.

** Data source elements are linked directly to the associated accounts

how to build google backlinks

7. Block the words you want to insert backlinks and insert links, for example

how to insert google backlinks

8. When finished it’s time to share > click the share button > set page visibility to public (meaning anyone with the link can view your content including Googlebot)

** If it is limited then people including crawler bots need credential access to view your content (until obtaining permission from the content owner) and this will cause your page not to be indexed by Google

how to get google backlinks

9. Finally, look for ways to index backlinks of the type, including the omega indexer service, GSA Indexer, linkcentaur, embedding links on YouTube uploaded videos, adding to social media bio profiles or creating web 2.0

how to index backlinks
GSA Free version

how to index backlinks version 2
Premium backlink index

Now answering the basic question, is this type of backlink on dofollow or nofollow?

This backlink is nofollow, most of the backlinks that you plant on Google products are of the nofollow type except for a number of services such as Google Docs.

From time to time google says to maintain a balance between dofollow and nofollow also considers both equally important, the advantage of these no-follow backlinks does not affect SEO indirectly but they still contribute value to the page they are linked to and who wants to reject nofollow backlinks worth DA 80?

Thus the article on how to get domain authority 80 backlinks from quickly and easily. Actually I wanted to write a guide to get backlinks from each google service but it’s tiring so feel free to experiment yourself. I’m just giving an idea ?


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