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Group-IB Collaborates with nForce, Establishes a Digital Crime Resistance Center in Thailand – Group-IB, a global cybersecurity leader headquartered in Singapore, has announced plans to open a Digital Crime Resistance Center in Thailand. At a press conference held in Bangkok on March 15, the company also signed a strategic partnership agreement with nForce (SECURE), Thailand’s leading cybersecurity-focused value-added distributor.

Under the partnership, nForce will act as distributor for the entire IB-Group suite of products and services accumulated under the IB-Group Unified Risk Platform, an ecosystem of solutions that understands each organization’s threat profile and adapts defenses against them in real-time from the interface. single. nForce will establish Thailand’s first Incident Response (IR) Team with the help of experienced Group-IB Digital Forensics & Incident Response experts, who have over 70,000 hours of incident response operations worldwide.

Group-IB Collaborates with nForce, Establishes a Digital Crime Resistance Center in Thailand

Group-IB will also provide dedicated training and support for the newly formed nForce Incident Response team. To streamline IR operations in the country and ease the data collection process for forensic analysis, the nForce team will be equipped with IB-Group IB’s Managed Detection and Response solutions.

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nForce has a strong presence in Thailand and is a leading distributor focused on cybersecurity in the country. More than 100 nForce partners cover all market segments, and distributors have a very strong presence in the financial sector. Group-IB aims to increase the coverage of the Thai market and assist local companies in dealing with growing cyber threats.

Thai companies are increasingly being targeted by various cyber threats. According to the recent Hi-Tech Crime Trends 2022/2023 Report, Thailand ranks 5th in the Asia Pacific region with 27 victim companies whose data was published on ransomware-only leak sites (DLS) between H2 2021 – H1 2022.

It should be noted that the actual number of ransomware attacks is much higher, as many companies choose to pay the ransom. Another worrying trend is the increasing interest of early access brokers in Thai corporate networks. IAB attempted to sell network access to 28 local companies during the same period, the IB-Group Threat Intelligence team found.

To combat escalating cyber risks, Group-IB’s Digital Crime Fighting Center in Thailand will bring together experienced cybersecurity experts in Threat Intelligence, Digital Forensics & Incident Response, Cyber ​​Investigation, Digital Risk Protection, as well as Computer Emergency Response Team analysts. Equipped with patented technology that has been tried and tested in more than 60 countries, the Group-IB team together with nForce experts will strengthen the digital defense of Thai companies by forming the best DFIR team.

Collecting digital evidence completely and correctly allows one to clearly understand the scope and develop appropriate measures to effectively address threats and prevent similar incidents in the future. Group-IB’s highly skilled digital forensics and incident response experts will train nForce personnel to respond to various security threats.

The Group-IB team employs advanced technology driven Threat Intelligence and has a proven track record of effectively investigating and resolving complex cybercrime cases. Thus, Group-IB decryption for the well-known Hive ransomware version four, written by the company’s DFIR team, helped decrypt a network of medical organizations in Thailand.

“We at nForce are excited to partner with Group-IB, a global cybersecurity leader. By forming an Incident Response team in collaboration with Group-IB, we aim to help organizations in Thailand prevent and prevent cyber threats. With dedicated teams on the ground capable of responding to incidents regardless of complexity, local businesses can operate safely.”

“Group-IB’s products and services will complement nForce’s offering and strengthen our market position. As more businesses embark on digital transformation, the demand for cybersecurity continues to grow. By 2023, we anticipate revenue growth of 15-20% from government and private sector customers. our company in Thailand,” said Mr. Nakrop Niamnamtham, CEO of nForce Secure Public Company Limited.

“We are very pleased to be partnering with nForce, which has a great reputation in the Thai market and will help us expand our footprint in the region. The Group-IB Digital Crime Fighting Center and this partnership represent a significant step forward in extending our global mission to fight cybercrime to the shores of Thailand.”

“We believe that together with nForce we will build an incident response team of passionate professionals committed to creating a safer cyberspace,” said Dmitry Volkov, CEO of Group-IB.

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