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Where is the place, what is the business, it becomes very important because from this data we will make it a market place,

Depok ( – The City Government (Pemkot) of Depok, West Java, invited the perpetrators umicro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) use the D’Kerens application so that it can reach a wider market.

Deputy Mayor of Depok, Imam Budi Hartono in Depok, Friday, invited entrepreneurs to download the D’Kerens application which can record data on entrepreneurs and their types of business.

“Where is the place, what is the business, it becomes very important because from this data we will make it a market place,” he said.

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Later, continued Imam Budi, it will be included in the e-catalog which will be used by the Depok City Government or sub-districts, sub-districts, offices, and mayors.

“Of course the hope is that the turnover of entrepreneurs and residents who take part in MSME training will increase and become successful entrepreneurs,” he said.

Imam Budi also invited new entrepreneurs (WUB) to apply the five keys to entrepreneur success

He said, there are five keys to success to become a successful entrepreneur.

“There are five things, namely training, mentoring, licensing, marketing, and finally capital,” he said.

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In addition, another key to success is in groups. By grouping entrepreneurial actors can be more solid.

“UMM friends must remain in this WUB group, both in the village and sub-districts,” he explained.

Imam Budi explained that the D’Kerens application won second place in the 2022 National Three-Minute Telling-Innovation Competition (TMTiC).

“I won second place because I presented an innovative work in the form of a Creative, Energetic, and Successful Depok application or D’Kerens,” he said.

Imam explained that this application was the first in Depok City. Designed with the aim of becoming a data center and access to training for MSME actors in accessing various activities through devices.

Reporter: Feru Lantara
Editor: Nusarina Yuliastuti


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