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Jakarta ( – The Commodity Futures Trading Supervisory Agency (Bappebti) revealed one of the characteristics of fraud trading or the activity of buying and selling commodity futures assets is a condition that is fulfilled by the victim which is often not related to the activity of buying and selling assets.

“In practice, nothing trading what is done, but what is put forward is the schemes. As found is member get memberponzi schemes, and others,” said Head of Commodity Futures Market Development and Development Bureau, Bappebti Tirta Karma Sanjaya when met in Jakarta, Tuesday.

Furthermore, another feature of fraud trading namely the packaging or appearance of the services offered look premium. Reflecting on the Data Reportal report in 2023, it was recorded that 77 percent of people in Indonesia were connected to the internet.

With easy access in the digital era, services that seem premium are easier to obtain, so people who are not observant can easily be fooled trading illegal.

For this reason, Tirta recommends that before investing or committing trading the community can find out in advance whether the service provider is legal or not.

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“It’s important for the community to do research, because now all Indonesian people already have the majority gadgets,” he said.

One way to ensure that a service provider for buying and selling commodity futures assets has an operating license, the public can look for it directly on the website.

Some of the products overseen by CoFTRA include crypto, gold, and forex (foreign exchange).

As a measure to prevent cases of fraud trading repeated and takes its toll, Tirta said CoFTRA continues to promote financial literacy and investment in the general public.

This includes holding Commodity Futures Trading Literacy Month activities by introducing products whose transaction security has been guaranteed by CoFTRA.

“We hope that the public will be more aware of products whose safety has been guaranteed,” Tirta concluded.

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