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Welcome to IT People Blog. Next year we will face simultaneous elections, so it’s no wonder that this year there have been many election socialization activities carried out by the KPU and the local village office in order to increase community participation in general election activities in 2024

Some time ago there was an uproar over the news of residents in Banyumas whose NIK was registered as a member of a political party (political party) while the person concerned admitted that he did not know about this. They are included as a sample of factual verification by irresponsible persons with the aim of fulfilling 30% representation in management according to the domicile address of the political party secretariat office that you wish to register in an area

Engaging in political activities is practically a prohibition for State Civil Apparatuses, both civil servants and PPPPK, members of the TNI, village heads, honorary staff in government agencies, all village officials, to teachers.

If you are caught playing practical politics, the sanctions are quite severe, ranging from a transfer to being fired from the job profession. Therefore, every year I have to provide proof that I am not affiliated with a political party organization by showing evidence that my NIK is not related to membership of any political party through the KPU’s official website.

KPU provides a website to check NIK whether registered as a member of a political party or not, here’s how;

1. Visit the KPU’s official website

2. Enter the NIK number (Resident Identification Number) listed on the National Identity Card (KTP) then click the button SEARCH

3. If the result is “NIK: 351111xxxxx not registered in sipol” then your NIK is clean from political party activities

check if the nik is registered in political parties

Meanwhile, if your NIK is detected as a member of a certain political party (political party), usually your full name will appear, which political party is registered

NIK registered with political parties

If you feel you have never registered as a member of a political party but are listed as a member of a political party example then go to the political party secretariat office example nearest office and ask for membership abolition or you can also come to the KPU to fill out a statement form

Making KTA political parties is easy

Membership Card (Parpol) is a membership identity card owned by cadres and sympathizers of a party made by Indonesian citizens aged over 17 years or married

Registering as a political party member can be done by visiting the party secretariat office according to domicile or you can also register online by visiting the official political party website for example

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– List of PKS party members (

– List of Democratic party members (

– List of Gerindra party members (

The requirements needed to get a KTA are also simple, only a recent passport photo, ID card, email address and cellphone number

If you register online, usually the card soft-file is sent to the registered email

Party membership status will stop if the owner dies, resigns, becomes a member of another political party, violates the bylaws of the household along with the party regulations, holds a position/profession which by law is prohibited from being held by members of the political party board.

Now, you can check your personal NIK identity data yourself whether it is related to membership in a political party or not. Indeed, being a political cadre means that you receive coaching so that in the future you can provide assistance in the form of support to certain political institutions and help realize the tasks and main functions of a political party according to the domicile of each cadre

Regarding the advantages and disadvantages of being a political party cadre, please browse the internet because if I explain from a personal perspective, I’m worried that there will be cons and not in accordance with the title of the article, which is limited to a tutorial on how to check the ID number of a member of a political party.

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