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Jakarta ( – The Immigration Division of the DKI Jakarta Regional Office of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights asked officers from the Immigration Intelligence and Enforcement Section of the Class I Immigration Office at TPI North Jakarta to increase supervision of Foreign Citizens (WNA) residence permits after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Head of the Immigration Division of the DKI Jakarta Kemenkumham Regional Office Pamuji Raharja emphasized that supervision needs to be increased so that foreigners in the DKI Jakarta area, especially in North Jakarta, do not cause problems for public security and order.

In addition, the Head of the North Jakarta TPI Class I Immigration Office Qriz Pratama and the Head of the Intelligence and Enforcement Section for North Jakarta Immigration Bong Bong Prakoso Napitupulu were also asked to investigate why foreigners violated the residence permit rules.

The need for deepening is because in principle they have committed many violations, such as overstay or residence permit issues.

Head of the Immigration Intelligence and Enforcement Section of the North Jakarta Immigration Office Class I TPI Bong Bong Prakoso Napitupulu found the fact that foreigners often use the services of third parties to change their place of residence.

When a foreigner wants to rent an apartment unit, a third party also includes it, so that the foreigner does not have to write down his identity to the apartment manager.

So those who take the opportunity are third parties. Then foreigners stay the longest within a period of one to three months. After three months they moved again to another apartment. The intelligence team read the strategy of the violation, in order to trick immigration officers who would check the period of residence permits.

Regarding the reasons, one of them was because they refused to pay the excess fee for a residence permit to Indonesia, so they were negligent, deliberately not wanting to pay the excess fee overstay. Moreover, at this time fines overstay it reaches IDR 1 million for one day.

In addition to matters of cost, causes overstay maybe foreigners are worried that if they try to improve their residence permit, immigration officers will immediately deport and deter them.

Meanwhile, the TPI North Jakarta Class I Immigration Office team discovered the fact that foreigners came to Indonesia for trading reasons, for example buying clothes or working with Indonesians to set up textile companies.

But mostly, foreigners who want to do business in Indonesia only bring a visit visa. When they arrive in Indonesia, on average they stay longer than the visa stay permit limit they have (30 days). The reason for this longer stay is still a question.

However, Immigration guarantees that the directives from the Head of Immigration Division of the DKI Jakarta Regional Office of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights will continue to be carried out by officers from the Immigration Intelligence and Enforcement Section (Inteldakim) Class I Immigration Office TPI North Jakarta.

One of them was on March 16, 2023, TPI Class I Immigration Office Inteldakim officers in North Jakarta arrested seven foreign nationals, namely six Nigerian citizens and one Guinea-Bissau citizen, who were suspected of violating the rules of residence permits in Indonesia.

The arrests were made in response to public complaints about the emergence of activities by foreigners who were disturbing or disrupting public order.

Moreover, of the seven foreigners arrested, four of them did not have valid travel documents or passports (still valid), thus violating Article 119 of Law Number 6 of 2011 concerning Immigration.

The four Nigerian citizens with the initials ECU, WUO, PCU and UEO face a maximum imprisonment of five years and a maximum fine of Rp. 500 million for their actions.

In the future, North Jakarta Immigration requires a further investigation process for the four Nigerian citizens who are suspected of violating Article 119 of the Immigration Law.

During the inspection, the four foreign nationals were placed in the Detention room of the Immigration Office Class I TPI North Jakarta.

His party will also carry out further coordination with the subject of investigation at the director of immigration supervision and enforcement as well as the Coordinator of Supervision of PNS Investigators in the North Jakarta area.

Apart from that, North Jakarta Immigration Office Inteldakim officers also arrested a Guinea-Bissau citizen with the initial CP who holds a Limited Stay Permit for Foreign Investors (ITAS PMA).

This Guinean citizen made a PMA ITAS with the sponsorship of a company engaged in trade with the validity period of the ITAS Card until January 2024.

However, the Immigration officer has confirmed that the sponsored address of the Guinea Bissau WN in the Palmerah area, West Jakarta, is fictitious, based on the results of an inspection conducted on February 21, 2023.

It didn’t stop there, the North Jakarta Kanim officer also summoned the CP guarantor in Indonesia twice, but the call was ignored by the person concerned.

So for the sake of upholding the law, officers immediately arrested CP and brought it to the TPI Class I Immigration Office, North Jakarta, in the Kelapa Gading area for questioning.

In addition, the officers also arrested a Nigerian citizen with the initials IAI because he was unable to provide or show his residence permit because he was processing a transfer of residence permit status for a visit to the ITAS Investor at the Class I Non-TPI Depok Immigration Office, with a corporate sponsor engaged in trade.

However, the North Jakarta Kanim officer found that IAI did not live in the Depok area, West Java, but in an apartment in the North Jakarta area for about three months.

According to IAI’s statement, the status transfer process is being carried out and handed over to the service bureau. For this reason, Immigration has asked the North Jakarta Kanim Inteldakim Section officer to deepen the connection between this information and the Nigerian citizen who is changing status with a position of residence not in the Depok area.

Finally, there is a Nigerian citizen with the initials NPL, who has a passport, but has lived in Indonesian territory beyond the time limit for his residence permit (overstayed) since November 29, 2022.

Against these citizens, because they are proven to have violated the deadline for a residence permit, the action against them in accordance with Article 78 paragraph 3 of the Immigration Law is the imposition of administrative measures in the form of deportation and detention.

However, there are several other actions that need to be taken beforehand, including those relating to the cost of a return ticket to the country of origin that must be issued by the foreigner who will be deported.

First, his party will coordinate with the Nigerian Embassy regarding citizens who are at the Class I Immigration Office TPI North Jakarta. Then contact the NPL family to accommodate/prepare tickets to return to their home country.

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